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Buzon adjustable deck supports allow savvy designers to create comfortable level surfaces for people over the top of sloped surfaces designed to drain. With Buzon pedestals designers can hide irrigation, plumbing, and electrical services out of sight.

Unlimited Possibilities

Buzon Products are used to Create Spaces that Inspire,
Entertain, and Build Community

Applications for Buzon screwjack pedestals are endless. Architects, designers,
and building professionals have used Buzon pedestals to create roof decks and balconies, plazas and terraces,
water features, pool surrounds, deck systems, green roofs, pathways and walkways, illuminated floors,
temporary flooring, industrial decking and other specialized applications.

You are limited only by your imagination.

Buzon Pedestals International

Claude Buzon created Buzon Pedestals in 1987 after his relentless pursuit to create a terrace support system that would be revolutionary, easy to handle, adjustable in height and able to adapt to sloping surfaces. Buzon is the original screwjack pedestal. Buzon has never stopped innovating.

Buzon Pedestals International has earned a global reputation, numerous awards, and project installations in more than 50 countries. Buzon USA West is the master distributor for Buzon Pedestals in the Western region of the United States.

Buzon Screwjack Pedestals Snapshot

Buzon’s slope correcting feature makes it quick and easy to correct for roof pitch or smooth out uneven surfaces. Buzon screwjack pedestals are height-adjustable from 14 to 1030 mm depending on the series.

  • PB Series are suited for heavy loads and have versatile head options to meet construction challenges
  • BC Series are suited for creative projects that need to accommodate non-dimensional materials
  • Compatible with different shapes and sizes of decking materials
  • Adjustable height from 14 to 1030 mm depending on the series
  • Slope correction up to 15% depending on the series
  • Supports most any type of surface material
BC Series Buzon Pedestal with Porcelain Paver - Adjustable Deck Supports

 Buzon Patented Slope Correction System

Benefits of Slope Correction

  • Enables design of level leisure surfaces
  • Maintains slope to drain design
  • Minimizes installation time
  • Accommodates locally uneven surfaces

“Buzon offers the fastest most accurate slope correction system available. As an installer, it saves me time and labor. That’s important because I want to drain water, not my budget.”

– Jon Aguilar Owner, Heritage Earth and Stone

Who Uses Buzon?

Leading architects, designers, specifiers, landscape architects, and builders have installed Buzon screwjack pedestals in 35 countries in a broad array of applications for public spaces, commercial and industrial buildings and private residences.

“If I had known about screw-jack pedestals earlier in my career I absolutely would have put them everywhere. I like that you can create comfortable level surfaces for people right over the top of sloped surfaces designed to drain. I also like being able to hide irrigation, plumbing, and electrical services below the surface. This is much more elegant than running conduit everywhere.”

– Bing Sheldon, FAIA, retired chairman and founder of SERA Architects

“We were looking for a practical and cost-effective solution to provide needed support for the exterior tiles. Based on my observation of the installation process, the pedestals were relatively easy to install and adjust, providing a consistent level finish flooring elevation.”

– John Caulo, Facilities Director and Associate Vice President of Campus Planning, Champlain College

Details Matter

Details matter to our customers so we go the extra mile. From selecting decking materials to providing availability for standard in-stock product versus lead-time for custom sizes. We perform project take-offs to ensure the right pedestal options are selected for your product as well as to determine the amount of pedestal product required to complete the job. Need detailed project pricing to make informed project scope and budget tradeoffs? Sure, it’s all part of our White Glove Service.

“Angie, thank you. You guys are awesome. Dealing with jobs like this one and the Banks Rowhomes with breaking everything out we really appreciate it. And more importantly the customer really appreciates it. It sets us apart from all the others that just give generic quotes.”

– Matthew Adams, KELLER & ASSOCIATES

Materials Used With Buzon Adjustable Deck Supports

Buzon Pedestals can be used with stone, concrete pavers, wood tile or decking, structural porcelain pavers, glass tile, and steel or fiberglass grating to create raised floors on balconies, terraces, green roofs, temporary floors and for water features.

More Than Buzon Adjustable Deck Supports

HDG Building Materials is an expert dealer for Buzon Pedestals International.
We source superior products so you can deliver your best work.
HDG provides architectural sales and support in North America.

Buzon Pedestals

This original screwjack pedestal is slope-correcting and height-adjustable. Use with stone, concrete pavers, wood tiles, wood decking, porcelain pavers, or glass tiles.

Resysta Rice Husk Mineral Oil and Salt Composite

TruGrain™ made with Resysta®

This innovative composite material made mostly of rice hull is workable like wood.

Natural Stone

There are endless possibilities with this original building material given the variations in color, patterns, and texture.

Decking & Siding

Choose from Thermory wood products, natural bamboo, mahogany, ipe, or TruGrainTM made with Resysta® for decking, siding, and rainscreen applications.


Cell-Tek Cellular Confinement System is useful for creating a stable platform over which you can install pavers, stone, or pedestal systems.

Structural Porcelain Pavers

Suitable for upscale residential or high-traffic commercial applications, porcelain pavers

Structural Hardwood Pavers

Choose from HDG Thermory pavers or hardwood deck tiles made of ipe, massaranduba, or cumaru.

Structural Glass Pavers

Eco-friendly structural glass pavers empower the designer with new ways to imagine flooring, platforms, and pedestrian bridges.

Buzon Pedestals with Structural Concrete Pavers

Structural Concrete Pavers

Durable, load-bearing, structural concrete pavers are equally suitable for large residential or high-traffic commercial applications.

Aluminum Joist System

This aluminum substructure lies either directly on a subsurface or on Buzon BC-Series adjustable pedestals.

HDG FRP Grating

HDG fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) molded grating products meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

HDG Building Materials

Providing Architects and Builders with Superior Paving, Decking and Pedestal Products.

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