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Advantages of HDG Grating Panels:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Slip resistant
  • Long service life
  • High strength
  • Lightweight
  • Impact resistant
  • Non-Conductive
  • Fire retardant
  • Ergonomic
  • UV Resistant
  • ADA Compliant

HDG Grating Panels

HDG Grating Panels are molded grating products made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). HDG molded gratings are available in a variety of resins, standard and custom colors, depths, panel sizes and mesh configurations. Surface options include a meniscus or integrally applied grit top, both of which offer superior, slip resistant footing. Grating can also be mechanically fastened to the tops of Buzon pedestals.

HDG Silca Grates

HDG Silca Grating panels are smaller 2SF panels that are designed to be set on top of or in-between wood joists set 16″ o.c. These are typically used to renovate or build new residential decks, but may be used on commercial projects.

Grating Panels Featured Product

Decking Surface with HDG Grating Panels - Mini Mesh

HDG Mini-Mesh

  • 3/4” Square Top Mesh
  • 4×12’ panel
  • ADA-Rated Grating
  • 1/2″, 1” and 1-1/2″ Depth

Surface Finishes Available:

Barefoot Friendly Grit

Integrally Applied Grit



HDG grating panels are used in place of traditional materials and offer many advantages over steel grating or decking.

We have gone to contract for the finish carpentry portion of the project and are hopefully working out the final details of the 5th level exterior deck scope today. I appreciate the clarity you have provided thus far, I wish everyone could be so detailed!

Christopher Martin
Estimating, Master Millwork

Available Surfaces for HDG Grating Panels

Meniscus Top

The concave surface of meniscus top grating provides superior slip resistant footing in most environments including wet or oily conditions.

Integrally Applied Grit Top

This grit top surface has a quartz grit which is integrally applied, cured and sealed onto the surface providing excellent slip resistant footing. Also available in a barefoot friendly aqua grit (sugar-grit).

FRP Conductive Surface

Our factory can provide secondarily applied conductive surfaces which drains off the build-up of unwanted, dangerous static electricity when properly grounded. This specialized surface produces an electrical resistance of less than 26 kilo-ohms per foot, while the grating retains all of the other desirable corrosion resistant, fire retardant, impact resistant and lightweight characteristics of conventional fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating.

Grating Panels Featured Project

601 City Center T12 Oakland CA

This complex commercial project in the Bay Area involves a couple of plazas. The client wanted multiple size pavers set to create a sloped walking surface over an uneven substrate. Adding to the complexity the pavers would be set at an angle to the slope as well! HDG met on conference call with the project owner’s PM, the GC, engineer, architect, and landscape architect. HDG went through dozens of emails clarifying plans and details to help client figure out their design using a combination of Buzon screwjack height-adjustable pedestals (with both top and bottom slope correctors), HDG Grating Panels and Structural Porcelain Pavers. This allowed the client to tie the plaza finished walking surface to the finished floor of the building and to the public sidewalk grades. See full project details and photos in this featured Sloped Surface Design Using Grating Panels project blog post.

Grating Panel Applications

From hotels to apartments, seaside retreats to downtown courtyards, HDG has grating solutions for your commercial application. Whether you need an aesthetically pleasing architectural sunscreen, rooftop walkway, fountain drainage, pathway or bridge, or need to solve problems of uneven or cracked floors HDG Building Materials can help you design the perfect solution.

HDG Grating Panels are Perfect For:

  • Docks, piers, boat lifts and decks
  • Swimming pool drains and mechanical rooms
  • Marinas, waterparks and other public recreational areas
  • Locker rooms and storage areas
  • Skids, platforms, bridges, catwalks, access platforms and ramps
  • Fencing, railing, walkway and other architectural projects
  • Nature trail bridges, ramps and outlooks
  • Trench covers

Use HDG Grating Panels When You Want to:

  • Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines
  • Replace metal grating for corrosion related maintenance problems
  • Minimize vibration from rolling cart or wheelchair traffic
  • Create a low cost alternative where subfloor access and unobstructed air flow is required
  • Provide ready access to electrical conduits, air supply plenums, and service lines
  • Create a maintenance free slip-resistant walking surface over natural wetland environment
  • Pass light, air, or water while maintaining structure
  • Create a grating panels catwalk or pedestrian bridge

Use HDG Grating Panels with Buzon Pedestals to:

  • Span uneven or cracked floors
  • Further stabilize Buzon’s tallest adjustable pedestal system (up to 44″)
  • Re-define the structural platform below pavers (such as 2cm porcelain pavers)
  • Create dog-friendly rooftop Woof Decks with synthetic turf
  • Create a commercial or industrial rinse station for chemicals, vehicles, animals, etc.
  • Create an intentionally sloped surface design
  • Bridge large gaps and valleys or go around HVAC and other obstacles

HDG Silca Grates

HDG Silca Grating panels are smaller 2SF panels that are designed to be set on top of or in-between wood joists set 16″ o.c. These are typically used to renovate or build new residential decks, but may be used on commercial projects. HDG Silca Grates are especially popular for synthetic turf applications in commercial environments.

HDG Silca Grate

HDG Silca Grates

  • Dimensions: 16 x 18.25 x 1.5″ (399 x 450 x 38mm)
  • Material RePCABS (Polycarbonate ABS)
  • Coverage X Grates: 1.94SF (0.18M2)
  • Approximately 52 panels = 100SF Coverage
  • Weight per Panel: 4 lbs (1.814 kg)

Typical Uses of HDG Silca Grates:

  • Renovation of residential decks
  • New construction of residential decks
  • Commercial projects (especially popular for synthetic turf applications)

Transform a Wood Deck Into a Stone Deck

HDG Silca Grates are a unique product used to create a sub-base over wood floor joists. Structures created using HDG Silca Grates can accommodate natural stone, porcelain pavers, and other decking materials.

HDG Silca Grates Featured Project

Luxury Residential Mountain Retreat

This elevated wood joist deck would not ordinarily accommodate stone pavers or porcelain pavers. This large wrap-around deck constructed with wood joists was topped with HDG Silca Grates and then covered with stone-finish porcelain pavers. This method of elevated deck construction offers tremendous advantages especially in a mountain setting since the porcelain pavers are impervious to freeze-thaw cycle and are easy to maintain.

This decking project used:

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