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Pietra – Stone Finish Porcelain Tile

Inspired by natural stone from around the world, the Pietra collection offers exceptionally realistic stone looks in dependable porcelain. This robust tile line delivers incredible style in a multitude of sizes and looks, from crisp white marbles to rich caramel travertines. Any of these structural porcelain pavers may be sand-set, mortar-set, or pedestal-set. HDG Building Materials sources structural porcelain tile from the world’s leading manufacturers in Italy. Many of these products are designed to smooth the transition from indoors to the outdoors.

In the gallery below, if you see an image that inspires you, simply select it by clicking the image. The resulting page will reveal more details on that particular collection. You’ll see colors, standard sizes available, and the porcelain tile in an application setting. Stone-look porcelain pavers emulate nature will have variation in color and texture. Samples are available. We encourage customers to order a sample and for larger variation collections to place a small order to validate color and texture. If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us and we’ll see if there is another material that is right for your application.

Please note that porcelain tiles are metric and rectified — meaning they are trimmed square and are therefore a few mm shy of being the listed metric measure. For example, HDG Neros is 60x60cm rectified with actual dimension 595x595mm, 23 7/16 x 23 7/16″. Please contact HDG for actual dimensions and options for low-profile spacer-tabs when setting on Buzon screwjack pedestals.

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