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FSC® Products Available

HDG Building Materials can provide FSC certified products. FSC certification ensures that products come from well-managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Board Decking & Siding

Choose from HDG Exterior Bamboo, Genuine Mahogany, Ipe Hardwood, Thermally Modified Ash, or 100% non-wood Resysta Rice Hull Composite for decking and siding applications. These premium materials are resilient, rugged, attractive, and offer a long service life with little need for maintenance. Each of these materials has a sustainability story that is unique. FSC® products are available for ipe and mahogany.

HDG Exterior Bamboo Decking - HDG Building Materials

HDG Exterior Bamboo

HDG Exterior Bamboo is a natural and sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood. It is beautiful, durable and engineered for easy handling and installation. HDG Exterior Bamboo is mainly used for outdoor decking, wall cladding, rainscreen, and privacy fencing.

Resysta_Waikkiki_Beach_ - HDG Building Materials

Resysta Rice Hull Composite

This innovative composite material made mostly of rice hull is workable like wood, but has many benefits over wood. Use this 100% non-wood composite for decking, siding, rainscreen applications, and in resort pool and marine environments.

Ipe Hardwood

This beautiful hardwood is the most durable decking material available. It is resistant to scratches, dents, and problems related to moisture and insects. Even left untreated ipe hardwood decking will last decades.

Genuine Mahogany

HDG sources legal and renewable Fijian Mahogany to provide beautiful sustainable hardwood to architects, designers, and builders. Genuine Mahogany is prized all over the world for its durability and beauty.

Thermally-modified ash 1 x 6 Grooved Decking patterns - HDG Building Materials

Thermally Modified Ash

HDG is proud to include Thermory® Thermally Modified Ash among its durable, eco-friendly wood products. Thermal modification gives wood a beautiful rich color and aesthetic appeal. It makes wood more durable, stable, and resistant to the environment, while retaining the warmth of real wood.

Kebony Decking Install Image - HDG Building Materials


Kebony decking and cladding products are sourced from FSC® – Certified forests. The sustainable wood undergoes transformation to improve durability, dimensional stability, and to make it stronger and more resistant to biological decay and harsh weather conditions. Kebony wood naturally grays like Ipé and other Brazilian hardwoods.

Watertight DuxxBak Waterproof Decking System

DuxxBak Composite

HDG is proud to offer DuxxBak wood-free composite decking. The unique interlocking design keeps water from leaking through the deck. Instead, Water travels through the Duxxbak™ channels and exits at the end of the deck.

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