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Advantages of Concrete Pavers

  • Extremely sturdy material
  • Withstands heavy loads
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ease of repairs
  • Low maintenance
  • Ideal for wet areas
  • Inherently slip-resistant
  • Large range of colors and textures available
  • Cost effective
  • Fireproof

Concrete Pavers

Our dense, extra strong architectural concrete slab-pavers are designed for use with Buzon adjustable-height pedestals for creating elegant, perfectly horizontal, load bearing decks over rooftops, existing concrete, or other sloping or uneven surfaces. Each concrete paver measures nominally 24×24″ (610x610mm) with a thickness of 2″ (50mm). Other sizes are available.

Suitable for both large residential and high-traffic commercial applications, HDG Concrete Pavers offer exceptional flexibility in landscape design as they can be sand set on-grade or installed on pedestals to create green roofs, plazas and terraces, promenades, balconies, roof gardens, and perimeter or full roof ballasts.

Concrete Pavers for Commercial or Residential Projects

HDG NW Series Concrete Pavers

NW Series

NW Series concrete pavers are stunning in any setting and ideal as pedestrian pavement surfaces. They can be sand-set or pedestal-set depending on your project’s needs. The top edges are chamfered for a finished look. NW Series concrete pavers come with a light shot-blast finish.

HDG SW Series Concrete Pavers 24x24 Pool Decking Application

SW Series

SW Series concrete pavers are tailored to suit the purposes and creative aesthetics of any commercial and residential development.  They can be sand-set or pedestal-set. Available in a palette of distinctive colors and two finishes to empower designers to create bold, individual statements.

HDG Tech Shotblast Concrete Paver - HDG Building Materials


The HDG Tech Series of concrete pavers offers a wide range of paver types and sizes to fit any commercial or residential project. Choose from basic no frills pavers with a non-blast finish or among pavers with slate, woodgrain, aggregate or porcelain finishes in distinctive colors to create bold statements.

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