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SH1.2 – 3cm Porcelain Pavers

SH1.2 Series pavers are 3cm (1.2”) thick solid porcelain stoneware pavers. These extra thick pavers are characterized by the same high quality of standard 2cm thick pavers but with higher mechanical strength. SH 3cm pavers are 50% thicker than 2cm (3/4″) thick porcelain pavers, making them much stronger and more resistant to impact breakage.

Drive-Over Applications

Use SH 3cm pavers when you need the extra assurance against impact breakage or need to bear heavy loads in public or private spaces. The ability to carry heavy loads and resist impact breakage makes this series a perfect choice for outdoor spaces. SH 3cm pavers are especially suitable for drivable surfaces including parking lots, pads, garages, driveways, ramps, entrance areas, woonerfs, boulevards, and tracks of all types.

Installing Drive-Over Porcelain Pavers

Like other HDG Porcelain Pavers this SH 3cm paver series can be laid over sand or gravel, hard substrates such as concrete, or installed over slope-correcting, height-adjustable Buzon pedestals for raised applications.

Porcelain Pavers in Garage Application - HDG Building Materials

Greater Breaking Strength Compared to 2cm Structural Porcelain Pavers

High safety due to the breaking load class guaranteed according to EN 1339 U 30.

2cm Breaking Strength: >10000
3cm Breaking Strength: >29000N

More Resistant to Wind Uplift

SH1.2 3cm Series Porcelain pavers are 50% heavier and more resistant to wind uplift compared to 2cm pavers. There is no need for reinforcement backing when setting on Buzon pedestals. Use from less than 1/2″ up to 44″ tall. HDG offers a custom kerf-slot solution on the edges of these pavers. Kerf-cut pavers are used together with the Buzon PB-Clip KIT1 plug, SS Washer and screw to mechanically-fasten these pavers to the pedestal heads for total safety. An installation guide is available upon request.

SH 3cm Porcelain Pavers are heavier and more wind resistant - HDG Building Materials

Install Over A Variety Of Substrates


Sand or Gravel

Install over compacted sand or gravel.


Hard Substrate

Install over hard, level surfaces including concrete.


Pedestal Systems

Install over slope-correcting, height-adjustable Buzon screwjack pedestals

SH 3cm Series Benefits

  • Load bearing, especially resistant to heavy road loads
  • Robust, load bearing guaranteed even when laid on dry sand and gravel
  • Durable, wear resistant thanks to high surface hardness
  • Easy to clean, stain proof
  • Anti-frost, guaranteed frost resistance
  • Non-slip, R11 slip resistance
  • Ecological, an environmentally friendly product
  • Less expensive that many other paving surface solutions
3 cm SH Series HDG Porcelain Pavers Drive Over Large Vehicles - HDG Building Materials

Larger Sizes Available

Architects and landscape designers who wish to create large open public and private spaces will appreciate the 10 colors that are available in the 90×90 cm large square format.

Sizes Available With Natural and/or Rectified Edges:

  • 90×90 (36″x36″)
  • 60×60 (24″x24″)
  • 40×60 (16″x24″)
  • 40×80 (16″x32″)

See Porcelain Paver Sizes Demystified

Colors and Finishes

SH 3cm series pavers are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Choose among several wood, stone, and concrete finishes. Designers can select pavers from among these color families: Black, Beige/Tan, Black, Grown, Cream/White, and Grey. The results of the color filter below show both Legno (wood-look) and Pietra (stone-look). Select Legno to view only wood-finish or Pietra to view only stone-finish porcelain tile collections.

If you see an image that inspires you, simply select it by clicking through to reveal more details on that particular collection. You’ll see color, finish and sizes available for that particular selection and see related colors that collection.

Private Residence Using HDG Colo-Grigi 60x60 3CM Porcelain Paver - HDG Building Materials

SH 3cm Series Inspiration Gallery

Click to reveal more details on a particular collection.

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