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We have gone to contract for the finish carpentry portion of the project and are hopefully working out the final details of the 5th level exterior deck scope today. I appreciate the clarity you have provided thus far, I wish everyone could be so detailed!

Christopher Martin
Estimating, Master Millwork

Kebony® Decking Cladding Siding

HDG is proud to include Kebony Decking, Cladding and Siding wood products among its eco-alternatives to tropical hardwoods. Kebony is a beautiful and sustainable wood that has properties similar to Ipé and other Brazilian hardwoods. Kebony wood decking and cladding products boast the beauty and durability of Brazilian hardwoods without the need to remove a single tree from endangered Brazilian rainforests.

This sustainably harvested wood originates in FSC-Certified forests in Norway. The wood then undergoes a patented two-part process that permanently modifies the wood cell walls. The result is a final wood product with outstanding stability and long life.

About Kebony Technology

The Kebony technology is an environmentally friendly, patented process that enhances the properties of sustainable softwood using a bio-based liquid. The first step in the two-part process is to treat the wood with furfuryl alcohol, a liquid byproduct of processing sugarcane. Next, using pressure, vacuum and heat, the liquid transforms to a polymer that binds together with the cell structure of the wood. The result is 50 percent thicker wood cell walls giving the final wood product outstanding stability and resistance to decay, fungi, insects and other wood-destroying microorganisms.

Kebony Videos

Kebony Clear

Kebony Clear presents as a dark brown wood with subtle grain and free of knots.

Kebony Benefits

Color & Beauty

  • Deep brown color
  • Fades to silver-gray patina
  • Uniform color and grain pattern especially as compared to Ipé
  • Maintain original color using UV inhibiting Hardwood Oil
  • No maintenance required beyond normal cleaning


  • Hardwood-like durability
  • 50 percent thicker wood cell walls compared to original wood
  • Kebony Clear’s Janka hardness is 1619 lbf slightly more than maple
  • Wood Durability Class 2 – EN350
  • Class B Fire Rating – ASTM E84


  • Resistant to warping, cupping and splintering
  • Resistant to biological decay and harsh weather conditions
  • Dimensional stability is improved typically by 50% compared to the original wood species
  • Kebony Clear will swell tangentially by only 4%
    – better than almost all other woods


  • Easier to work with than tropical hardwoods
  • Carbide tools will last much longer
  • Straight flat boards make for easy work
  • Kebony Clear can be both ripped and crosscut
  • LEED points are available MRc6 (1 points) and LEED – MRc7 (1 points)
  • SRI values under Low, Medium, and High intensity
    are respectively, 49.1, 49.3, and 49.4

Peace of Mind

  • Guaranteed long life with 30-year, non-prorated warranty against rot
  • 50-75 year expected life span as decking
  • Fast-growing sustainable softwood
  • Eco-friendly alternative to tropical hardwoods
  • Safe and toxin free
  • Resistant to fungi, rot, and other wood destroying microorganisms

Applications for Kebony Decking Cladding Siding

Kebony wood is completely safe and non-toxic and can be used anywhere in and around homes or commercial and public properties. Architects and Landscape Designers choose Kebony because it is durable, stable, environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and aesthetically beautiful. Kebony wood has been used for decking, cladding, siding, flooring, privacy screens, docks, boathouse, boardwalks, terraces, rooftop decks, rain screen, stairs, benches, walkways, pool surrounds, and window trim and louvers. Use Kebony decking with Buzon pedestals to design raised terraces and decking applications that slope to drain while maintaining a perfectly level surface for furniture, people, and other objects.

10 Stunning Kebony Wood Cladding
Design Ideas

10 Stunning Kebony Decking and
Boardwalk Projects

Kebony Decking Installation at Marina - HDG Building Materials

Kebony Deck Board

Kebony Deck Board is versatile. Builders can fasten Kebony through the face of the board using stainless steel screws, use the Pro PlugⓇ system (pre-drill, counterbore, face screw and Kebony wood plug), use hidden fasteners (stainless steel screws are pre-loaded in clip for quick and easy fastening) or the Step-Clip™ for Kebony system, the fastest of the four methods. The 4-in1 wood decking profile makes it easy to secure your decking boards according to the needs of your project.


5/4×6 Clear Kebony Deck Board

Kebony Decking Profile 2637 - HDG Building Materials

Inner Board (#2637)
Actual Dimensions: 7/8″ x 5 1/2″
Lengths: 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′

Kebony Decking Profile-2638 - HDG Building Materials

Outer Board (#2638)
Actual Dimensions: 7/8″ x 5 1/2″
Lengths: 14′

Kebony-Clear-Boardwalk Decking

Boardwalk Decking

When larger dimensions are required for enhanced stability or desired for design aesthetic Kebony Boardwalk Decking is the perfect choice. Kebony boardwalk decking projects are often large commercial applications and large outdoor public spaces that experience heavy pedestrian traffic and harsh weather conditions. Kebony wood decking starts out as a deep brown color and will turn to a silvery-gray patina over time.


2×6 Square S4S E2E (#2522)

Kebony Boardwalk Decking-2 x 6 - HDG Building Materials

Actual Dimensions: 1 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Lengths: 10′, 12′, 14′, 16’′

Kebony Hidden Decking Fasteners

Fastenator™ Hidden Fasteners

The Fastenator™ system uses hidden fasteners to secure the deck while preserving the appearance of the decking board’s face. The Fastenator system is easy and  intuitive for installers and more easily removed for maintenance.

  • Ensures proper spacing between boards
  • Works great for diagonal and herringbone deck patterns
  • Ideal for resurfacing and/or out of square framing
  • Stainless steel screws are pre-loaded in clip for quick and easy fastening

Kebony Clear Cladding

Kebony Clear cladding is perfect for residential and commercial siding applications that demand the performance of Ipé tropical hardwood but with the added desire of sustainability and a 30-year rot warranty.

Kebony Cladding Profile 1935 - HDG Building Materials

1×6 Clear Rough Sawn (#1935)
Actual Dimensions: 1” x 6″
Lengths: 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’

Rough Sawn Kebony Lumber

2×4 Clear Rough Sawn (#2423)
Actual Dimensions: 2″ x 4″
Lengths: 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’

2×6 Clear Rough Sawn (#2489)
Actual Dimensions: 2″ x 6″
Lengths: 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’

2×8 Clear Rough Sawn (#2537)
Actual Dimensions: 2″ x 8″
Lengths: 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’

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