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ACRE Decking, Siding, and Sheets

ACRE™ is an eco-friendly building material that looks and feels like wood but outperforms wood in longevity, workability, and sustainability. ACRE is a zero-wood, zero-waste, engineered product produced in Mississippi, USA. This sustainable building material is manufactured from upcycled rice hulls. Available in decking or siding profiles as well as large format ACRE sheets that can be formed, cut, and shaped for interior or exterior applications. ACRE stands up to the elements and is naturally slip resistant and 100% resistant to water, weather, pests and rot.

Video Introduction to ACRE by Modern Mill

Create Organic Contours

ACRE can be cut, curved, shaped and molded

Benefits of ACRE Non-Wood Products


  • Easy care and minimal maintenance
  • Resists water, weather and pests
  • Will not rot, crack, or splinter
  • Strength without the weight
  • Long-lasting beauty


  • No phenol, formaldehyde or adhesives
  • 100% tree-free and forest friendly
  • Zero-waste manufacturing process
  • Made from upcycled rice hulls
  • Manufactured in USA
  • 100% recyclable

User Friendly

  • Feels like wood
  • Cut or shape into any look
  • No special equipment needed​
  • Uses regular woodworking tools
  • Every piece straight and rigid
  • Water-resistant and slip-resistant

Better than Wood

  • Resists expansion and contraction
  • Will not crack, splinter, swell or rot
  • Guaranteed to keep its beauty and color
  • Stands up to UV, fire, water, pests, fungus
  • Better sound and thermal insulation properties
  • Better longevity with limited-lifetime warranty
  • Extreme durability and resistance to the elements
  • Sheet goods can be cut, curved, shaped and molded


  • Feels like real wood
  • Use in its natural state
  • Bring wood look anywhere
  • Can be embossed or digitally printed
  • Finish with water-based stains or paints
  • Can be thermoformed

ACRE Decking, Siding, and Sheets Applications

There are countless applications for ACRE. Use it for siding, decking or custom designs using large format sheets – fences, garage doors, outdoor kitchen surrounds, blinds, custom paneling, arbors are all possibilities. Because the material is resistant to water, salt, and chlorine, it is ideally suited for wet applications including beachside, poolside, or in a shower, pool or spa. Use for interior or exterior applications with full confidence the material will retain it beauty and color. It resists expansion and contraction, and will not crack, splinter, swell or rot. ACRE sheets can be cut, curved, shaped and molded to fit unique design requirements.

ACRE Products and Profiles

ACRE Decking from Modern Mill Works Like Wood

 ACRE Decking
Use Like Wood Decking

 ACRE Siding
Available in Shiplap or Board and Batten

ACRE Sheets
Use to Make Custom Products

ACRE Decking Profiles

Available in 5/4″ x 6 (nominal) square-edge or grooved boards
Lengths 8′ to 20′
Embossed or Sanded Smooth

  • ACRE decking is available its natural state
  • Can be finished with water-based stains and paints
  • Compatible with Hidden Fasteners
  • Custom orders are available

ACRE Decking Resources

To maximize the beauty of ACRE decking products use hidden fasteners.

ACRE Decking from Modern Mill Works Like Wood
Long Life and Low Maintenance ACRE by Modern Mill
ACRE sheets used in hot tub pool surround and deck

SIDING: ACRE Shiplap Siding Product Details

Standard Finishes

  • 1“x 8“ nominal (6-1/4“ reveal)
  • 12’, 16, and 20’ lengths

Other dimensions and colors can be produced for custom orders

ACRE Siding: Shiplap Resources

SIDING: Board and Batten Product Details

Board Options:

  • 1/2” or 3/4” thickness
  • Sanded or Embossed

Batten Options:

1” x 2”, 1” x 3”, 5/4” x 2”, or 5/4” x 3”

ACRE Siding: Board and Batten Resources

Luxury Home with ACRE Board and Batten Siding from Modern Mill

ACRE Sheets

Thickness: 1/4 inch to 15/16 inches (actual)
8 foot to 20 foot


  • Sanded on both sides
  • Embossed on one side

ACRE Sheets Resources

Help and Resources

Do you need more product details or wish to order ACRE by Modern Mill Decking Cladding and Siding samples? Call 503.360.9551 or Click.

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