U-TOP-FLEX Accessory for PB-Series Pedestals

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U-TOP-FLEX Advantages

  • Customization: Spacer tabs snap into place and slide, aligning to any shape stone, concrete, porcelain, or glass paver.
  • Versatility: Allows for the use of any paver shape, giving designers and architects flexibility in their creative vision.
  • Ease of Installation: Seamlessly integrates with PB series pedestals without tools using the PB-KIT-8 attachment.
BUZON - U-TOP-FLEX Plate for PB Series Pedestals
BUZON - U-TOP-FLEX Plate Accessory for PB-Series Pedestals


The Buzon U-TOP-FLEX accessory gives maximum freedom for creativity. Any shape paver is possible, hexagonal, triangular, even curvilinear pavers of porcelain, stone, concrete, wood, or glass. Adding the U-TOP-FLEX accessory to the PB-series pedestal head offers endless design possibilities for terraces, patios, water features, rooftop decks, plazas and pool surrounds.


The U-TOP-FLEX plate seamlessly integrates with PB series pedestals, accommodating various paver shapes—be it hexagonal, triangular, or curvilinear. Installation is a breeze with the PB-KIT-8 attachment, allowing U-Tabs to clip and slide into place, perfectly aligning with the tile’s shape. This setup offers unparalleled creative freedom.

U-TOP-FLEX Paver Assembly Show From Top to Bottom:

  • Paver
  • U-Tabs
  • U-E10/20-FLEX Shim
  • U-TOP-FLEX plate
  • PB-KIT-8
  • PB-Series Pedestal

HDG Has You Covered with Any Shape Paver

Say goodbye to the confines of traditional squares and rectangles—our expert team can create radius-cut and custom-shaped pavers tailored to your vision. We specialize in crafting and supplying natural stone pavers in any shape imaginable. Whether you envision oversized ashlar patterns, planks, or intricate designs, we’ve got you covered.

Paired with the Buzon U-TOP-FLEX accessory, the design possibilities are boundless. Beyond natural stone pavers in any shape, HDG offers pavers in glass, porcelain, or concrete, ensuring that whatever your project demands, we have you covered.

Any Shape Paver Design is Possible with BUZON - U-TOP-FLEX and PB-Series Pedestals
Creative Paver Design Using BUZON - U-TOP-FLEX and PB-Series Pedestals

Need Help With Your Pedestal Paver Project?

HDG Building Materials is an expert dealer for Buzon Pedestals and able to supply nearly any decking material to suit a project’s needs. Experience Counts. Talk to HDG. Call 503.360.9551 or Click.

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