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Building and landscape projects have many levels, from the solid surfaces that form the base to the highest structural component. Whether you are creating a stable and level base for a terrace or elevated deck, sourcing uniquely interesting stone for cladding, stairs, and structures, or designing a next generation commercial space using innovative composite rainscreen, HDG Building Materials has your project’s material needs covered.  We source superior products so you can deliver your best work. Choose standard or custom products from the world’s leading suppliers of natural stone, wood siding and decking, Resysta rice hull composite, structural porcelain pavers, Buzon screwjack pedestals, and Cell-Tek slope protection products. HDG Building Materials supports your projects at all levels and from concept to completion.

HDG Supplies Architects and Builders with Products at all Levels and from Concept to Completion

Buzon Pedestals

Use Buzon pedestals with stone, concrete pavers, wood tile or decking, ceramic or glass tile to create raised floors on balconies, terraces, green roofs, and water features. This original screwjack pedestal is slope-correcting and height-adjustable.

Natural Stone

There are endless possibilities with this most fluid and flexible building material. Natural stone provokes the designers’ imagination. Its variations in color, patterns, and texture are visually interesting and impossible to replicate in other materials.

Resysta Rice Hull Composite

This innovative composite material made mostly of rice hull is workable like wood, but has many benefits over wood. Use this 100% nonwood composite for decking, siding, rainscreen applications, and in resort pool and marine environments.

Decking & Siding

Choose from natural bamboo, mahogany, ipe, Kebony®, Thermory®, or 100% non-wood Resysta rice hull composite for decking and siding applications. These premium materials are resilient, rugged, attractive, and offer a long service life with little need for maintenance.

Structural Porcelain Pavers

Suitable for upscale residential or high-traffic commercial applications, HDG porcelain pavers offer exceptional flexibility in design of landscapes and outdoor spaces. Select from wood or stone finishes in the design of pool surrounds, rooftop and elevated decks, and public spaces.

Structural Hardwood Pavers

 Use structural hardwood pavers to add warmth, character, and beauty to any decking application. Choose from ipe wood deck tiles, or hardwood deck tiles made of massaranduba, mahogany, or cumaru. FSC® and non-FSC products are available.

Structural Glass Pavers

Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, these eco-friendly structural glass pavers empower the designer with new ways to imagine flooring, platforms, and pedestrian bridges. Combine with translucent Buzon pedestals for maximum impact.

Structural Concrete Pavers

Durable, load-bearing, structural concrete pavers are equally suitable for large residential or high-traffic commercial applications. Concrete tiles are available in various colors and finishes. Paired with Buzon pedestals, designers can create level platforms over uneven or sloping surfaces.


Cell-Tek Cellular Confinement System is useful for creating a stable platform over which you can install pavers, stone, or pedestal systems.

Grating Panels

HDG Grating Panels are molded grating products made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). HDG molded gratings are available in a variety of resins, standard and custom colors, depths, panel sizes and mesh configurations.

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