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Decking Projects

HDG Building Materials has expertise in decking projects at grade, elevated, and on rooftops. Each construction type presents distinct design challenges. The HDG team possesses specialized knowledge in designing elevated and rooftop decks along with a command of innovative materials. Architects, builders, and property owners can rely on HDG for constructive solutions, superior materials and dedicated support throughout the project lifecycle, from initial concept to final completion.

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Want to discuss a decking project you see here? Or, tell us about your decking project and we can customize solutions to meet your individual needs.

Considering a Rooftop Deck?

This application note addresses the load capacity of Buzon screwjack pedestal systems and examines the roof loading with different popular rooftop decking materials for a 1000 sf decking project. The materials considered include stone, concrete, porcelain, ipe decking tile, and lightweight Thermory pavers.

Sloped Surface Design

The slope-correcting features that allow designers to use Buzon pedestals to create level surfaces over uneven or sloping substrates can be used to design controlled sloping surfaces. Buzon is uniquely designed to handle complex and varied substrates and to generate consistent sloped ramps or walking surfaces.

Materials for Decking Projects

HDG Building Materials has your decking needs covered no matter the material and no matter if your deck is at grade, elevated or on a rooftop. Visit the All Products page to explore traditional and innovative decking materials as well as grating panels and cell-tek used in some decking applications.

Understanding Solar Reflectance

It is useful to understand how hot a deck will get in the presence of direct sunlight. Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) is the measure that reveals this. This SRI primer helps owners, architects, and builders understand SRI and reveals a the SRI values for a range of materials so you can answer the question, “How hot will my deck get?”

Need Help with Your Decking Project?

HDG Building Materials is an expert dealer for Buzon Pedestals and able to supply nearly any material for your decking projects. Experience Counts. Talk to HDG. Call 503.360.9551 or Click.

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