Project: Porcelain Pavers Rooftop Deck

Commercial Project: Christilla Commons

Location: Happy Valley, Oregon

Creating an Attractive and Resilient Commons

This luxury apartment rooftop deck offers tenants a place to get away without leaving the building.  On this large rooftop patio, people can gather and use the common amenities such as the gas BBQs and numerous seating arrangements.  The building’s owner and maintenance staff can rest easy knowing the porcelain paver decking surface is outdoor rated and can withstand the weather, heavy pedestrian traffic, and movement from tables and chairs.

Design Advantages

Holding up the porcelain paver decking surface are Buzon adjustable pedestals which give this rooftop deck project a couple of advantages. First, with the slope-correction ability of the Buzon pedestals, the porcelain pavers remain perfectly level for people and furniture while the substrate slopes away from the structure to the drains and gutters. Spacer tabs installed on the pedestals maintain uniform gaps between porcelain pavers so precipitation falls through the surface to the substrate below. The other major advantage of installing porcelain pavers over pedestals is that the electrical, irrigation, plumbing, and any other services can be hidden beneath the decking surface. This makes the project more beautiful and safe for the people who will enjoy the space – no more unsightly conduit and trip hazards.

Materials Used in this Rooftop Deck

This commercial rooftop deck used Buzon PB-Series adjustable screwjack pedestals and HDG Pietra Fusa Multi Porcelain Pavers. There were also multiple Buzon accessories used.

Buzon PB-Series Pedestal PB-3 - HDG Building Materials
Pietra Fusa Multi 60x60 cm Porcelain Paver V3 Color Variation

Accessories Used in This Porcelain Pavers Rooftop Deck

  • PB-END
  • U-EDGE

PB-TABS are spacer tabs fixed by pressure onto the top (head) of Buzon pedestals. Spacer tabs regulate the spacing between the pavers, ensuring pavers have uniform alignment and provide a space for water drainage from the decking surface to the substrate below. PB-Tabs in this project gave the porcelain pavers a uniform 4.5 mm joint-spacing. Spacer tabs are also available in other widths.

PB-END was used at the railing to create a vertical facade, finishing off the edge of the deck. See related post, How to Edge a Porcelain Deck.  The U-EDGE was used to complete the installation at the edge of a terrace. Note: U-WALL would have worked in this design situation as well. Either of these accessories can be used with all ranges of Buzon® pedestals and be used with any size of spacer tab and all shapes of paving. Easily design curves, angles, and straight lines into your rooftop deck or terrace.

See Buzon Pedestals PB-Series Video Resources to understand how each of these Buzon pedestal accessories works with other pedestal components and decking materials.

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