Gated Woof Deck on Rooftop Deck

Designing a Woof Deck Makes Canines and Owners Happy

Smart owners, property managers, and condo associations recognize the benefits of providing pet-friendly properties. Pets are considered part of the family by most pet owners. Pet owners will likely stay longer and pay more once they find their pet friendly home. The pet owning pool is large. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 38.4 Percent of U.S. households own dogs. Imagine turning away more than one third of your potential customers.

Property managers who enable responsible pet ownership are likely to have more responsible tenants. One way to promote responsible pet ownership is to provide a pet friendly roof top deck, a woof deck.

Shared Benefits of Woof Decks

The benefits of adding a pet-friendly woof deck do not accrue solely to landlords. A well designed rooftop oasis benefits pet owners and their furry friends, too. Woof decks give dogs a place to safely run, play, and socialize. Similarly, owners get an opportunity to socialize while having a convenient, accessible place for pet relief and recreation.

Benefits to Pet Owners

  • No need to leave building
  • 24/7 secure access
  • Safe place to play
  • Socialize with other owners
  • Maintained space is clean

Benefits to Canines

  • Socialize with other dogs
  • Freedom from car conflicts
  • Safe space to play and run
  • Softer on the paws
  • More convenient for mom
Rooftop Deck is Woof Deck Built with Turf and Mesh Panels

Designing a Better Woof Deck Experience

The possibilities for your Woof Deck are endless. Whether you are dealing with new construction or renovating an underutilized rooftop you have an opportunity to design better experiences for pets, pet owners, and others who visit the space. For the furry friends the list of amenities might include:

  • Dog walk area
  • Fenced off-leash run area
  • Pet relief area
  • Obstacles courses
  • Washing station

For their human companions, consider adding hammocks, barbecue stations, sitting areas, privacy blinds, soaking pool, and stunning views if possible.

Materials to Design and Build a Better Woof Deck

HDG Grating Panels

Use synthetic turf for the surface of your Woof Deck. It is durable, easy to install and maintain, and easy on fido’s paws. Below the turf you’ll need HDG Mini-Mesh Grating Panels. The most commonly used size for turf applications is 1.5″ thick with 3/4″ top-mesh. When maintenance personnel spray down residual waste it is important that the water can flow through the surface and the mesh panels to the substrate below. The mesh panels are supported by a Buzon raised pedestal system. This same pedestal system can support porcelain pavers, wood decking, or other wood, stone, glass, or concrete pavers.

Buzon Pedestals with Slope Correction

Buzon pedestals are spaced periodically to provide support for the decking surface. Buzon slope correctors enable a pedestal to maintain a perfectly level decking surface for people, pets, and furniture while sitting on a substrate that slopes toward the drains.  Buzon slope correctors have integrated drainage channels to direct rainwater and water from irrigation systems toward the drains.

Accessible Raised Floor

In addition to top spraying residual waste, a best Woof Deck design practice is to include an irrigation system below the decking surface. The cavity below the grating panel should be designed tall enough to accommodate the irrigation system including any valves or accessories. Buzon pedestals come in a range of heights to accommodate such a design. All electrical, plumbing, and irrigation services can be hidden beneath the decking surface and accessed when needed.

PRO TIP: Because HDG Grating Panels are extracellular they may be cut to fit any shape edge or perimeter, including cut-outs for tree-wells, columns or planters, as well as lighting fixtures and irrigation heads.

Product and Service Support

Expert Dealer Services

Whether you are designing a Woof Deck or a large public plaza we can help. HDG works closely with our clients to provide accurate project take-offs, competitive pricing, and technical support. When you have a pedestal project all we need are a dimensioned plan along with the elevations of the finished paver heights measured from the subgrade below. From that we will figure out the grid-pattern and takeoff quantities and pricing. With the job, we produce a color-coded CAD drawing showing location and height of each pedestal.

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