Elevated Stone Deck with Buzon Pedestals

Elevated Stone Deck Overview

This elevated stone deck offers residents and visitors great territorial views. This commercial terrace uses Buzon BC-series pedestals and large stone pavers. One of Buzon’s innovations is the circular spacer tabs that affix to the pedestal’s head.

Buzon Circular Spacer Tabs

Buzon BC-series pedestals feature circular-base spacer tabs that accommodate any angle or shape paver, even curvilinear! This gives designers endless possibilities for design.

Unlimited Possibilities

Designers are no longer constrained to rectangular shaped decks, water features, terraces, and walkways. Independent tabs are fixed to the head of the pedestal and with the unique 360° swivel rotation, the space between pavers will match perfectly. Designers can be more creative and are only limited by their imaginations.

HDG has You Covered

As an expert Buzon dealer, HDG Building Materials supplies leading architects and builders with Buzon BC-Series pedestals and accessories. We also provide most any decking materials desired.

Custom Cut Stone

As a perfect compliment to circular spacer tabs, HDG can fabricate and furnish radius-cut and shaped natural stone pavers. Don’t feel limited to simple squares and rectangles. Any shape and size pavers, oversized ashlar-patterns, planks. Whatever you want, we’ve got you covered.

Buzon Spacer Tabs Used in this Elevated Stone Deck

Buzon Spacer Tabs are important to regulate the spacing between pavers. Regulating the space between pavers ensures alignment. Proper alignment ensures fitness to the desired design aesthetic and it also provides a path for water to drain.  Buzon spacer tabs are available with a rectangular or circular base and in a variety of sizes.  Spacer tabs are available in various thicknesses : 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and various heights: 17 and 25 mm.

Rectangular Spacer Tabs – BC-TAB-R

The Buzon Pedestal System BC Series rectangular spacing tabs keep materials perfectly aligned, equally spaced, and at 90 degree angles. Choose this style spacer tab when your design doesn’t include curved decking materials and instead relies only on rectangles, squares and straight lines.

Circular Spacer Tabs – BC-TAB-C

The Buzon Pedestal System BC Series provides endless design possibilities by using 360° independently rotating circular spacer tabs to line up non-dimensional materials perfectly. Use this style spacer tab when your design include angled and curvilinear shaped decking materials.

Experience Counts. Talk to HDG.

Need help deciding on materials or creating a project take off for your elevated stone deck design? Call us at 503.360.9551, email sales@hdgbuildingmaterials.com, chat with us online or click.

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