After Picture of Ipe Rooftop Deck with Buzon Pedestals

Ipe Rooftop Deck on Buzon Pedestals

Residential Project: Ipe Wood Paver Rooftop Deck
Location: Chicago, IL

Revitalized Rooftop Oasis

This neglected rooftop in Chicago transformed from a drab waterproof membrane to an inviting Ipe Wood Paver Rooftop Deck. With Buzon pedestals providing slope correction and height adjustment, this homeowner turned his vision into reality. This homeowner tackled the project on his own with confidence thanks to HDG Building Materials’ commitment to help customers from concept to completion. DIY made easy with HDG Building Materials’ support, turning visions into reality!

Materials Used in this Ipe Rooftop Deck

This residential rooftop deck used Buzon PB-Series adjustable screwjack pedestals and Ipe Hardwood Deck Tiles. Bottom slope correctors were used to maintain a perfectly level decking surface for people, pets, and furniture. There were also multiple Buzon accessories used. All of the components used in this ipe deck project have a long expected life giving the homeowners years of worry-free enjoyment.

Before & After: A DIY Success Story

Testimonial: A Happy DIYer’s Experience

I just finished the roof top deck and would like to thank you and the HDG team for your support. I worked with Erik and gave him the dimensions of our roof. He sent me the CAD model and I found that very useful. Jay helped me with the quote, order and shipping. I watched a couple of videos and decided to order the tiles and do the installation myself. The HDG team was friendly and worked with me throughout the project making installation quick and fun. My wife and family are extremely happy with our new roof deck and we are having a lot of fun on it. Please see some pictures of before and after or shall I say ugly and beautiful. –  S. Baniasad

Ipe Rooftop Deck Before & After Photos

Ipe Rooftop Deck over Buzon Pedestals Closeup

Long Life Ipe Wood Pavers

Discover the qualities that make these load-bearing pavers exceptional – water-resistant, rot-resistant, stable, salt-resistant, and if you allow them to silver-out naturally, practically maintenance-free. Ipe deck tiles fit perfectly to Buzon adjustable pedestals and may be further secured from wind-uplift using the Buzon PB Fastener.

Kerf-Cut Ipe Pavers

HDG Ipe pavers have a kerf cut into each corner to accommodate hidden fasteners such as the Buzon PB Fastener.  The kerf-cut design ensures a seamless fit on Buzon adjustable pedestals.

HDG Ipe Wood Pavers Datasheet Thumbnail

HDG Ipe Wood Pavers
(PDF will open in new window)

Buzon PB Fastener

The PB-Fastener is a hidden clip system designed to secure ipe wood deck tiles effortlessly onto the Buzon pedestal head. It’s an ideal choice for ipe wood pavers or Thermory hardwood decking tiles.

Buzon Pedestals PB Fastener for Wood Deck Tiles - thumbnail

PB Fastener Installation
(PDF will open in new window)

See How the Buzon PB-Fastener Works

Experts in Pedestal Paver Solutions

Why Choose HDG for your Ipe Rooftop Deck?

As experts in pedestal paver solutions, HDG offers unparalleled design and installation guidance. Whether you’re designing a modest terrace or a large public plaza, our takeoffs simplify the process, showing locations, heights, layouts, and more. Reach out at any stage – we’re here to bring your vision to life.

Our shop drawings and takeoffs show paver layout, count and partial pavers/cuts. When board-decking is involved our takeoffs show joint-pattern and linear footage as well as the joist-spacing.

Reach out at any stage of your projects. We’ll help you get started and keep going, from concept to completion. We are happy to work with landscape architects, building professionals, architects, planners, designers, and owners interested in using superior products.

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