Basalt Columns in Vancouver Park

Basalt: Earth’s Timeless Canvas

Beautiful, bold, and hailing as the oldest building material on our planet, basalt has been nature’s artistic handiwork for millennia. New basalt materials are being produced at a volcano near you. Architects and designers have a wealth of choices in the realm of black basalt. This versatile stone, born from the Earth’s depths, finds expression in drivable, walkable, and buildable forms.

Applications For Basalt Stone

From blocks and steps to walls and slabs, the applications of basalt are as varied as the landscapes it has shaped. Now, with the advent of porcelain pavers replicating the basalt stone finish, the design possibilities are more abundant than ever.  Join us as we explore the enduring allure and expanded design possibilities of Earth’s most abundant bedrock.

Basalt Building Dimension Stone

It is hard to beat the beauty and grandeur of natural stone. Architects, designers, and homeowners that want longevity, eco-friendly design, and unparalleled character choose natural stone for their projects. Basalt has a long history in construction and architecture. In thin slabs it is used for building veneers, flooring, etc., and in its large columnar chunks it is used to create large durable stone objects, blocks, walls, monuments, and even art. Thicker cut applications include basalt pavers.

Sizes and Finishes

HDG is capable of producing and furnishing any size basalt stone. We create cut-to-size and finished natural stone pavers, wall-cladding, caps, stairs, and water-features made per your design. HDG basalt stone can be hand or machine finished in a myriad of traditional and modern finishes including:

  • Adze, Antiqued, Corduroy,
  • Engraved, Etched, Flamed,
  • Honed, Lychee, Mushroom,
  • Pineapple, Split/Pitched,
  • Sandblasted, Scored,  Scored & Chiseled.

Basalt Porcelain Pavers

Discover the lightweight, frostproof, flameproof, thermally insulating, and removable characteristics of these porcelain pavers. Engineered for both residential and commercial spaces, including patios, terraces, swimming pools, gardens, and walkways, these pavers are the epitome of versatile, functional, and visually appealing outdoor solutions. Ideal for Buzon pedestal set applications with medium to heavy traffic, elevate your outdoor environment with the unmatched beauty and technical excellence of HDG’s structural porcelain pavers.

Basalto Grigio Porcelain Pavers

Basalto Black Porcelain Pavers

The HDG Basalto Black series presents 3cm porcelain pavers designed for outdoor spaces with high pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The flamed basalt finish not only enhances durability but also adds a touch of elegance to public or private environments. Explore More: Basalto Black.

Grigio Basalt Flamed Finish Porcelain Pavers

HDG Grigio porcelain pavers blend technological precision with the timeless beauty of natural stone. Easy to install, very easy to inspect any utilities, and easy to reposition in the event of changes to the installation or modifications to the substrate. Available in 24x24in (60x60cm) and larger format 24x48in (60x120cm). Explore More: Grigio – Basalt Flamed Finish.

Negro Flamed Basalt Porcelain Pavers

HDG Negro porcelain pavers feature a flamed basalt finish, making them ideal for various outdoor applications. From residential patios to commercial spaces like bars and spas, these pavers provide a sleek and durable solution for both residential and commercial landscapes. Explore More: Negro Flamed Basalt Finish.

Pair Basalt Stone or Porcelain Pavers with Buzon Pedestals

Porcelain with Buzon Pedestals

Porcelain pavers are perfectly paired with slope-correcting, height-adjustable Buzon pedestals. Craft level, load-bearing decks over rooftops, existing concrete, or uneven surfaces. From inviting balconies to expansive terraces, rooftops, and serene pool surrounds, these projects exemplify the pinnacle of design.

Natural Stone with Buzon Pedestals

Explore boundless design possibilities with Buzon pedestals and natural stone. Accommodating any angle or shape of basalt or other natural stone pavers, including curvilinear designs! Liberated from the constraints of rectangular shapes, designers can elevate decks, water features, terraces, balconies, plazas, courtyards, walkways, and more.

Experts in Basalt Stone and Porcelain Pavers

Leverage Our Expertise

Whether you’re in the conceptualizing stage or have a clear vision for your project, HDG Building Materials is ready to assist. Natural stone varieties we source include Basalt, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, and Travertine. HDG Building Materials maintains close working relationship with our partner factories.  As an expert Buzon pedestals dealer, we supply architects and builders with Buzon pedestals and accessories. Reach out at any point in your project journey—we’re committed to supporting you from concept to completion.

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