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Newly Quarried or Recycled Reclaimed Stone?

Once designers and architects get past the decision over whether to use imitation or natural stone products they face even more choices. Chief among them is, “Does my project require or would it benefit from using recycled or reclaimed stone? Or should I select “new” stone straight from the quarry.” Geologist would remind us that there is no new stone, just new stone projects. Even Rock n’ Roll enthusiasts would admit the Rolling Stones, arguably the newest stones on the block, are not that new at all. Kidding aside, there are plenty of decisions to make when choosing natural stone for building projects. This article reveals some of the many decisions to make.

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Decisions to Make for Natural Stone Projects

Selecting the right type of stone for your application is important. Appearance, hardness, porosity and absorption, weathering, and workability are only a few of the considerations. Should you choose granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, slate, basalt, or travertine? Don’t forget the finishes. The right stone finish can make your project safer, longer landing, more beautiful, even shine brilliantly for a given natural setting or artificial lighting. Recycled and reclaimed stone can boast all of these same characteristics. Reused stone has another characteristic that newly quarried stone does not, namely story.

Reclaimed Natural Stone as Storyteller

Where did the stone come from? From which building or bridge or village was it reclaimed? Upcycling is common for other reused building materials, e.g. the farmhouse dining table crafted using reclaimed wood from the floorboards of a distillery, etc. It is also true for stone. For example, the hand-finished Perlino Grey Limestone use in the construction of walls became available after a large grain warehouse was dismantled. Now, these reclaimed stone products are available to sustainably minded architects and designers. Every stone has a story.

Details Matter for Natural Stone Projects

When it comes to selecting natural stone for building projects the details matter, hundreds of details. Decisions will need to be made from initial project conception to the desired maintenance level post project completion. It’s best to have a solid partner to work with at your side.

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Featured Natural Stone Project

Choosing natural stone for your project provides maximum flexibility in design. This complex natural stone project involves detailed columns, sills, bases and cladding. This Louis Beige Limestone was quarried in Bulgaria and fabricated in one of HDG Partner fab-shops. HDG makes complex stone projects like this easier. Our experience includes international and domestic logistics handling material shipments between the US and other countries including Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Canada, China, and Thailand.

Key Decision for Reclaimed Recycled Natural Stone Projects: Choosing a Stone Supplier

Reliable and Prescient

HDG understands stone. We have supplied newly quarried, recycled, and reclaimed stone for interior and exterior projects including building facades, terraces, fireplaces, stairs and steps, courtyards, water features, flooring and decking, columns, pool coping, monuments, restoration projects, and other ornamental stone applications. Our experience can help you prevent the mistakes and problems that your peers have made and experienced.

Concept to Completion

In this modern age we marry computers and CAD/CAM models with natural stone creations that arrive at the job site ready to be uncrated, assembled and installed. Whether you seek natural, recycled, or reclaimed stone for your next project HDG stands ready to serve. HDG provides architectural design support from concept to completion. We manage details from initial quarry selection to job site delivery and every detail in-between.

Full Service Logistics

HDG supplies granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, slate, basalt, and travertine. We provide hand or machine finished stone straight from the quarry. We also supply reclaimed recycled natural stone that is refinished through our partner fabricators. And best of all we handle all of the logistics so you don’t need to sweat the details. Work with HDG to reduce your project risk and smooth your supply experience. Learn about our White Glove Service.

Experience Counts. Talk to HDG.

Need help deciding on natural stone and finishes for your project? Reach out when you’re ready to discuss your project. Call 503.360.9551, email, chat with us online or click.

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