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Natural Stone Drainage Pavers

It is a given that your natural stone paving project is going to get wet. No worries about the appearance; beautiful stone intensifies when wet. More concerning is if water is effectively draining (the functional aspect) and does the project look cheapened with that chosen drainage solution (aesthetic aspect).

By using natural stone drainage pavers you can route water as desired while retaining or adding the beauty and character of natural stone. HDG natural stone drainage pavers are typically made with one of our more dense landscape stone materials: granite, basalt, and certain limestones.

Natural stone drainage pavers have structural integrity to be used on their own. They can also be used as drain covers over less esthetically pleasing plastic drainage or metal grating.

Selecting Stone and Finishes

Natural stone drainage pavers are beautiful and blend into the project and natural surroundings —- as part of the same surrounding stone paver matrix — either as same material or as a different accent material.

As the pavers are at a low point for the purpose of gathering and draining water — good design suggests adding a light textured finish to the drainage pavers. Thermaled or lychee (bush-hammered) finish are great choices for wet stone applications like these. These finishes offer better protection against slips and falls as compared to plastic or metal drainage systems.

Stone drainage pavers are commonly used in commercial, residential, and municipal projects. Applications include: patios, driveways, terraces, walkways, plazas, courtyards, parking lots, pool surrounds, and zero-grade flush mount water fountains.

Stone Stair Surround and Drainage System - HDG Building Materials

Design Considerations for Drainage Pavers

Drainage pavers can be designed to any desired shape and size — typically to match the custom paver or coping length. Square, rectangular, planks or even curvilinear shapes are possible. Drain slots or holes may also be sized and spaced according to the designer’s wishes. Drainage pavers are typically set over a drainage channel/trough.

They can also be sand-set to create a permeable paving surface, draining into the substrate and ground below. This is typical for a parking lot, driveway, courtyard or plaza. When considering this — please check out HDG Cell-Tek cellular-confinement system to help prepare the substrate below the pavers. For projects in public spaces, the slots or holes need to be narrow enough to meet ADA requirements.

Slotted Stone Drainage Paver - HDG Butterfly Black Basalt

Flexibility Brings Choices and Questions

Natural stone products offer designers much flexibility. This extends to drainage pavers. There are many considerations including: material choices, textured finishes, slot or hole sizes, etc.  HDG can even make drainage pavers any size or shape using digitally laser cut CNC patterns if designers want something unique or precise. HDG Building Materials stands ready to answer your questions and provide support from concept to completion. It’s part of our White Glove Service.

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