Vertical Design Applications

HDG products go beyond rooftop decks and pedestal-set decking. HDG products are also used in vertical design applications including exterior siding for apartments, single-family homes, beach houses, sheds, and multifamily projects, as well as interior and exterior walls, soffits, rain screen cladding, fences, privacy blinds, and more. These vertical design applications span residential and commercial properties and civic environments.

Products for Vertical Applications

HDG products used in vertical design applications include ACRE by Modern Mill, HDG exterior bamboo, Resysta rice hull composite, Kebony, Thermory Ash, Porcelain Pavers and Natural Stone. This blog post explores vertical design applications and HDG products to elevate your projects -from natural stone to ACRE siding. Read on to explore the possibilities.

Stone Wood and Metal Cladding on Luxury Residence

ACRE Siding and Sheets

ACRE presents an array of possibilities for vertical design applications. Whether it’s siding in shiplap or board and batten style, or crafting custom products using ACRE sheets, the versatility of ACRE knows no bounds. From fences to garage doors, outdoor kitchen surrounds to custom paneling and arbors, ACRE offers limitless options for vertical designs.

ACRE’s Exceptional Properties

ACRE’s remarkable resistance to water, salt, and chlorine renders it perfect for wet environments like beachside areas, pool surrounds, or in showers, pools, and spas. Both for interior and exterior applications, ACRE stands strong against the elements, maintaining its beauty and color over time. ACRE also resists expansion and contraction, cracking, splintering, swelling, or rotting ensuring durability and longevity. ACRE sheets can be effortlessly cut, curved, shaped, and molded to meet unique design requirements, allowing for the realization of any vertical design vision.

HDG Exterior Bamboo

HDG Exterior Bamboo offers a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood, boasting beauty, durability, and ease of installation. This natural material is utilized for various vertical applications such as wall cladding, rainscreen systems, and privacy fencing. Bamboo, a renewable and sustainable resource, exhibits exceptional hardness, dimensional stability, and resistance to decay and insects.

With siding profiles and rainclad options available, HDG Exterior Bamboo provides an aesthetically pleasing solution for rain screen and siding installations, backed by patented Fusion Process Technology for durability against the elements.

Resysta – Sustainable Alternative to Wood

Resysta Rice Hull Composite is a sustainable siding product that mimics the look and feel of wood while offering exceptional material properties. Made from a combination of salt, rice husks, and mineral oil, Resysta is 100% recyclable and serves as a true alternative to hardwoods like ipe and teak.

Proven Performance in Extreme Climates

Resysta has proven its durability in extreme climates worldwide, from the Austrian Alps to tropical regions like Singapore and Africa. Architects, designers, and building professionals utilize Resysta in various vertical design applications, including siding, wall cladding, facades, and soffits. Its water-resistant and weatherproof properties make it ideal for wet rooms, such as showers and saunas, as well as marine environments.

Kebony Offers Sustainable Excellence

Kebony® cladding products, sourced from FSC®-Certified forests in Norway, exemplify sustainability and durability. Through a patented process, the wood undergoes transformation to enhance its resilience to harsh weather conditions and biological decay, while maintaining its natural beauty. As an eco-alternative to tropical hardwoods like Ipé, Kebony offers comparable properties without contributing to deforestation in endangered rainforests.

Vertical Applications and Eco-Friendly Properties

Architects and landscape designers favor Kebony for its versatility and environmental friendliness. Its non-toxic nature makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial and public properties. Vertical design applications for Kebony wood include cladding, siding, privacy screens, docks, boathouses, rain screens, benches, and window trim, reflecting its adaptability and aesthetic appeal in various settings.

Thermory® Thermally Modified Ash

Thermory® Thermally Modified Ash stands as a durable and eco-friendly wood product offered by HDG. Through thermal modification, the wood gains a rich color and aesthetic appeal while enhancing its durability, stability, and resistance to environmental factors. Thermory’s commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in its industry-leading thermal modification process and investment in advanced technology and manufacturing techniques.

Durability and Eco-Friendly Appeal

Thermally modified ash finds applications in various vertical design settings, drawing inspiration from ancient techniques used by Northern seafarers to protect their ships from salty waters. Today, Thermory products boast high resistance to heat, water, fungus, and mold, making them suitable for outdoor use, high-moisture areas, saunas, and heated floors. Architects, designers, and building professionals worldwide utilize Thermory for vertical applications such as siding, wall cladding, facades, and soffits, reflecting its versatility and reliability in diverse climates and environments.

Porcelain for Vertical Design Applications

Renowned for their technical advantages in decking and flooring, porcelain pavers seamlessly transition from horizontal surfaces to vertical applications. From indoor and outdoor walls to facades, backsplashes, and accent walls, porcelain pavers offer a cohesive design solution throughout spaces.

Mimicking the natural allure of wood and stone, porcelain tiles provide more than just aesthetic appeal. They boast worry-free durability and resilience against frost, snow, ice, and heat, making them ideal for various climates. In addition, their fire-proof properties set them apart from traditional building materials, ensuring both safety and style in vertical design applications.

Natural Stone: The Ultimate Building Material

Stone is the most fluid and flexible building material. HDG offers a diverse range of natural stone including BasaltGraniteMarbleLimestoneSandstoneSlate, and Travertine, suitable for both interior and exterior vertical applications. From monuments to landscape elements, coping to wall cladding, and stair treads to water features, natural stone elevates any project.

Navigating the Complexity of Stone

Beyond offering an extensive selection of stones, HDG supports clients throughout the project lifecycle. From concept to completion, we assist in navigating the complexities of stone selection and project execution. With the integration of modern technology, such as CAD/CAM models, we ensure precise customization and seamless installation. From quarry selection to on-site delivery, HDG manages every detail to bring your vision to life.

Working with HDG Building Materials

We work with owners, architect, landscape architects, builders, and installers on materials selection and constructive solutions. Architects and builders cannot be expected to know every material and construction method. HDG specializes in paving, decking and pedestal products. Leverage our expertise from concept to completion.  We have the materials and the knowhow to make your project a stunning success. See our Our Work.

Explore Vertical Design Solutions with Us

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