Project Name: The Vancouver Clinic

Commercial Project: 15,400 SF Clinical Facility

Location: Ridgefield, Washington

Healthcare Facility Overview

The Vancouver Clinic in Ridgefield, WA is part of The Vancouver Clinic’s expansion efforts in greater Southwest Washington. The facility offers community-based care to provide primary care services, including pediatrics, and a new urgent care center to serve patients closer to where they live. The design includes a public galleria space for reception and waiting, fully glazed with a visual connection to the landscaped drop-off area.

Resysta Ceiling and Wall Cladding

The walls and ceiling in the drop off area utilize sustainable and 100% recyclable, Resysta Rice-Hull PVC Composite Cladding. Resysta uses a renewable resource that is replaced in short cycles – rice husks.

Resysta is a zero-emission product as it bonds carbon dioxide in the rice husk, compensating for that arising in production and transport. It is easy to care for, hygienic and does not emit noxious substances, even when milled.

Resysta 4 channel hollow core profiles were used  in ceiling and wall cladding in horizontal installations. The Resysta profiles used on this project are stained in FVG C26 Rust.

Resysta 4 Channel Hollow Core Profile:

RESPC340612-4 Channel Hollow Core Profile Cladding Resysta - HDG Building Materials

13/16“ x 5 1/2“ x 12‘ RESP340612
4 Channel Hollow Core Wall Cladding Profile

Resysta Decking Siding and Interior Color FVG C26 Rust

Resysta Color and Surface Treatment: FVG C26 Rust

Project Partners:

HDG Building Materials supplied Resysta 4 Channel Hollow Core Cladding profile to the project.

Owner: The Vancouver Clinic

Architect/Design Firm: ZGF Architects

General Contractor: Andersen Construction

Engineers/Planners: MacKay Sposito

Subcontractors: Day CPM, an Otak Division

Learn More

Resysta Hollow Profile Installation Guide - HDG Building Materials

Installation Guide – Hollow Profile

Resysta Facade - Individual and Limitless - HDG Building Materials

Resysta Facade – Individual and Limitless

Experience Counts. Talk to HDG.

HDG Building Materials is an expert dealer for Resysta Rainscreen, Cladding, and Decking. HDG provides architectural sales and support in North America. Would you like to discuss materials or logistics behind this project or perhaps your own? Call 503.360.9551 or Click.

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