Project Name: The Vancouver Clinic

Commercial Project: 26,400 SF Clinical Facility

Location: Camas, Washington

Resysta Composite Flexibility

The Vancouver Clinic in Camas, Washington is a project that showcases the flexibility of Resysta non-wood composite products. Resysta Rice-Hull/PVC products offer flexibility in color, installation methods, and literal flexibility in that the material bends easily without breaking.

Resysta Flexibility in Colors

The Resysta profiles used on this healthcare design project uses FVG C26 Rust color for the soffits and cladding. Resysta has a natural, warm color. Designers can choose from six standard stain colors that represent natural wood tones. Or, they have the flexibility to choose among an additional palette of 24 bold designer colors to create just the right look.

Colors and Lighting

The color appears slightly different on the soffit compared to the columns. It is the same color but it clearly appears differently. The perceived differences in color are attributable to the lighting. Lighting plays an important role in how building materials, Resysta or otherwise, will look in sunlight and artificial light. Keep in mind as you are choosing colors for your project that lighting changes with the weather, angle of the sun, and other lighting sources. Products will always look different on a computer screen than in person. This is why we stress the importance of requesting samples from HDG Building Materials.

Resysta Installation Flexibility

It is common to use hidden clip fasteners to secure Resysta decking or soffits. But, Resysta offers flexibility in installation. For the column application on the Resysta profile (1/2″ x 8″) solid fascia board, face-screws were used. That is because it is a narrow column. For a larger facade using that same profile, we would suggest the hidden clip. No matter which installation method is used it is important to pay attention to the detailed manufacturer guidelines to maintain product warranty.

Resysta Fascia_board-RESF12812 - HDG Building Materials

1/2“ x 8“ x 12‘ RESF12812
Board FASCIA – both sides plain

Resysta Decking Siding and Interior Color FVG C26 Rust

Resysta Color and Surface Treatment: FVG C26 Rust

Resysta Flexibility Makes it Possible to Create Curvilinear Features

The Resysta used on the fascia in this installation appears to be curved. You might be wondering how is that accomplished? Actually, it isn’t curved; it’s just an optical illusion. That said, Resysta is flexible in the “easy” direction, so it could have been installed with a graceful larger radius. The longer boards of course bend more easily than short ones. If needed, Resysta can be heated to about 215-degrees F with a conduit-blanket and then bent (either the easy way OR the hard-way — sideways) around a form. Once it cools, it will remain. This flexibility gives the designer or installer the ability to create a curvilinear architectural feature — feature on a wall cladding, a trellis, or even a board-decking pattern.

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Resysta Facade - Individual and Limitless - HDG Building Materials

Resysta Facade – Individual and Limitless

Experience Counts. Talk to HDG.

HDG Building Materials is an expert dealer for Resysta Rainscreen, Cladding, and Decking. HDG provides architectural sales and support in North America. Would you like to discuss materials or logistics behind this project or perhaps your own? Call 503.360.9551 or Click.

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