How to Edge a Porcelain Deck Using the PB-End Finishing Kit

How to Finish the Edge of a Porcelain Deck

Handling Porcelain Paver Deck and Patio Edges

Most porcelain paver installation guides focus on edging a deck or patio using techniques suitable for on-grade installations. These solutions include chipped stone and other materials, crushed rock, and grass, and other plantings to create a biophilic outdoor design. In some cases, landscape designers will incorporate a raised border using planters, stone, concrete, or wood.

Creating a Finished Edge in Raised Installations

Not every installation of outdoor porcelain pavers is installed over grass, stone, concrete, or gravel. When the porcelain pavers are installed over raised pedestals it creates a cavity underneath and an edge at the periphery. To create a finished and professional look the edge will need to be covered. Using the same porcelain pavers from the decking surface will provide the best design aesthetic. The PB-End Finishing Kit is designed to do just that.

Buzon PB-End Finishing Kit

The PB-End can be used to create a lateral edge or full corner to completely cover the pedestal cavity. Each PB-End is comprised of 3 parts: the U-End-Base, U-End-Lock, and the PB-End-Top. Now you can create or add a finished skirt at the perimeter of raised terraces in case you don’t have an adjoining parapet on your structure or other borders to hide the pedestal / decking / joist edges.

Buzon PB-Edge Finishing Kit Fast Facts

  • Prevents horizontal slippage of porcelain slabs
  • Prevents easy access of critters to the underside of the deck
  • Creates continuity of design from decking surface onto the vertical cladding
  • Enables the completion of the side and corner terrace finishes
  • Vertical edge clips secure porcelain cladding top and bottom
  • Holds vertical 20 mm thick outdoor rated porcelain cuttings
  • PB-END is also available in stainless steel (PB-END INOX)
  • Another innovation from Buzon Pedestals International
Buzon PB-END-Finishing Kit for Porcelain Paver Slab Terraces

Learn More About Buzon Pedestals and HDG Porcelain Pavers

HDG porcelain pavers are perfectly paired with slope-correcting and height-adjustable Buzon Pedestals to create raised floors over uneven substrates or to create intentionally sloped designs. See Sloped Surface Design Uses HDG Grating Panels City Center Project.

Raised Terrace Application with Porcelain Pavers over Buzon Pedestals

HDG Porcelain Pavers

Suitable for upscale residential or high-traffic commercial applications, HDG porcelain pavers offer exceptional flexibility in the design of landscapes and outdoor spaces. Select from wood or stone finishes in the design of pool surrounds, rooftop and elevated decks, and public spaces. Learn about our HDG Porcelain Pavers.

Top View of HDG Kaia Blue Porcelain Pavers and Buzon BC-02 Pedestal - HDG Building Materials

Buzon Pedestals

Use Buzon pedestals with stone, concrete pavers, wood tile or decking, ceramic or glass tile to create raised floors on balconies, terraces, green roofs, and water features. This original screwjack pedestal is slope-correcting and height-adjustable. Learn about our Buzon Pedestals.

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