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Natural Stone Projects

Natural stone projects are logistically complex, involving many steps from sourcing, quarrying, design, cutting, stone facing, transportation, to installation. HDG Building Materials makes it easy to design natural stone into your project. We take care of most of these logistical steps for you. You can focus on creating a monument or designing stone into your building or hardscape to evoke in your audience a feeling of grandeur, calm, and legacy.

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Basalt Stone and Porcelain Pavers: A Design Odyssey
Reclaimed Caviar Blue Limestone
Elevated Stone Deck
Cave Black Limestone Fireplace
Reclaimed, Recycled or Newly Quarried Natural Stone for Your Project
Limestone Inside and Outside
Contrast Adds Visual Appeal to Stone Projects
Granite Plaza Fountain and Water Features
Versatile Natural Stone for Beautiful Architecture
Granite Stone Fountain Full-Scale Layout
Horton Civic Plaza – San Diego, CA
World War II Memorial Hall – France

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