Project Name: Charles Korrick Fountain *

Commercial Project: Charles Korrick Fountain Near CityScape
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Project Features:

The Charles Korrick Fountain and water features at Phoenix CityScape provide visitors with the soothing sounds of flowing water and the elegance and grandeur of natural stone.

  • Natural Stone Pavers
  • Stair-Rill Water Feature
    • Water feature that travels along a stairway
    • Gobi tan granite
      • Split-face finish
      • Top and inside of rill are honed finish
  • Charles Korrick Fountain
    • Cubist design
    • Ground level walkable recessed fountains (commonly accomplished using BC-Series Buzon Pedestals)
    • Gobi tan granite in course lychee (hammered) finish
    • Sand-blast engraved and painted lettering
  • Conical Solid Granite Water Feature

Gobi Tan Granite Fountain Water Feature

This massive inverted and truncated conical water-feature originated from a 20-ton block of granite. It was cut by 8′ diameter circular saws, and then hand-carved and shaped. The skill and craftsmanship to achieve a perfectly level top surface was necessary to achieve the even laminar-flow of water over the entire top surface. The fountain head is in the center hole. To make this possible the granite block was core-drilled from both top and bottom to meet in the center of the block.

Fun Fact

I was in Shandong Province (NE China across from South Korea) in the coldest January on record in 50 years. Temperatures were in low single-digits. I could see my breath inside the lobby and dining room at the hotel. They had to bring in ice-breakers for the first time to create shipping lanes to the ocean port as thick layers of ice formed in the ocean along the coast. These were the conditions for final fabrication, inspection, packing and crating. The only time the chill left was at night when we went to a crowded traditional hot-pot restaurant, which gave us fire and boiling water at each table to cook our own meat, seafood and vegetables.  – Erik Nelson

Navigating Stone

Let HDG’s resident stone expert, Erik Nelson help you navigate the myriad choices of stone, colors and finishes available to achieve just the right characteristics for your natural stone application. Contact Us to introduce your project. View the HDG Building Materials Natural Stone Brochure. Learn more about our White Glove Service.

Discuss Projects

Want to discuss the Gobi tan granite or Butterfly black basalt used in this fountain? Or, your own project?

* HDG Building Materials principal, Erik Nelson, sourced materials and oversaw fabrication and delivery for this project while serving as Vice President of Operations at Yellow Mountain StoneWorks.

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