Cristallo White Granite Steps or Benchtops 1024x1024
Cristallo White Granite - HDG Building Materials
4x8 inch Mushroom Finish Light Grey Granite Natural Stone
Sandblasted Cristallo White Granite
Applying Flamed Finish to Cristallo White Granite
Anti-slip Flamed Finish Cristallo White Natural Stone Round Paver Stepping Stones
Cristallo White Granite Cobblestone

Cristallo White Finishes

This versatile stone can accommodate a variety of finishes to achieve diverse architectural and aesthetic effects. If designers and architects can envision it in stone, HDG and its partner factors can make it happen. See our White Glove Service.

There are a number of hand and machine-applied finishes available for Cristallo White Granite. For surfaces that do not require walking a polished surface finish is attractive. Applications with pedestrian traffic would benefit from a Thermal/Flamed anti-slip finish. Other finishes available include Honed, Antiqued, Brushed, Mushroomed, and Sandblasted.

Featured Finish

Mushroomed Cristallo White
Mushroom finishes are hand applied to Cristallo White Granite by skilled craftsmen and craftswomen in our partner factory. The effect is that the edges are flat and lower compared to the mid-portion of the stone. This natural and rugged look is used primarily for wall cladding and offers a more authentic representation of natural stone when compared to veneers and faux stone.

Cristallo White Granite 4x8 inch in Mushroom Finish
Cristallo White Granite Partner Factory

HDG Partners

HDG has relationships with partner quarries and factories in China. These partners have mature production technology and can supply high-quality products at competitive prices. HDG manages the details from initial quarry selection to job site delivery and every detail in-between. We obsess about the details so professionals in the design and building community can focus on making the project vision a reality. We think about all of the opportunities to make a client’s project a stunning success. We are also mindful of the things that could go wrong. We mind those details so you don’t have to.

Cristallo White Granite - HDG Building Materials

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Cristallo White Granite

HDG’s Cristallo White Granite originates from partner quarries in China. It is sometimes referred to as Light Grey Granite, Light Granite, Sesame White Granite, Bianco Granite, Ice White Granite, Crystal White, or Grey Granite.

As with other granite, Cristallo White is among the hardest of natural materials making it resistant to scratching, cracking, and chipping. Applying proper finishes and seals can further protect and prolong projects that utilize this remarkable stone.

This stone is extremely versatile in its applications and appearance. It is suitable for residential, commercial, and municipal projects for both interior and exterior applications.

Best Uses
The combined hardness, durability, excellent performance characteristics, and natural beauty of Cristallo White Granite make it a great choice for applications with high visibility or high pedestrian traffic or both.  This stone is equally good for floor and wall applications. It is often used in water features, stair treads and risers, monuments, wall cladding and sills, benches, retaining walls, pavers, and other design ornamental projects.

Outdoor Surface Applications
Granite stone flooring is suitable for any weather condition. It can handle any level of pedestrian traffic and with the proper thickness, this stone will even hold up to vehicle traffic. For applications requiring slip resistance such as granite pavers and flooring applications, HDG partner factories will apply a sandblasted, flamed and brushed, or percussive finishes such as pineapple, lychee, adze, or scored surface finish to the stone surface.

Cristallo White Granite is available in a variety of sizes from small cobblestone to large monumental blocks and practically any size plank, slab, or block.

Color Variation
V3, Color Variation Explained

Cristallo White Granite doesn’t usually have a wide variation in color and veining for small projects. However, for large commercial projects, it is important that samples be approved to ensure that the blocks are all extracted from the same quarry face for matching purposes.

V3 - Color Variation - Moderate Variation - Porcelain Pavers - HDG Building Materials

Cristallo White Granite Applications

Ideal for residential, commercial, or municipal environments including public plazas, patios, terraces, outdoor kitchens, courtyards, gardens, and pedestrian walkways. Use Cristallo White Granite for indoor and outdoor building applications including sills and caps, wall stone, stair treads hearths, mantles, and other architectural elements. Landscape applications include curbs, bollards, pool surround and pool coping, stairs, benches and seating, retaining walls, patios, decking materials, bridges, ramps, water features, columns, firepits, monuments, terracing, sea walls, slope stabilization, barriers and erosion control, driveway and garden edging.

Light Grey Granite Stepping Stones with Antislip Flamed Finish
2 Inch Bullnose Coping Light Grey Granite with Flamed Finish
Cristallo White Granite Corner Wall-cap
4x8 inch Mushroom Finish Light Grey Granite Natural Stone
24x24 inch Cristallo White Granite with Flamed Finish
Cristallo White Granite Curved Stair Treads
Cristallo White Granite Corner Stair Treads
Cristallo White Granite cut to 30 inch Equilateral Triangular in Flamed Finish for Walking Surface
Cristallo White Light Grey Granite 24x 24 and 24x48 Inch Panels Inventory
Large Cristallo White Granite Blocks
Cristallo White Granite Kerbstone Curbstone
Cristallo White Granite Building Stone with Beveled Edge

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Samples are available for most of the products HDG Building Materials supplies. For stone, select colors and finishes are in stock and available for sampling. We can also order custom-cut any finished samples of any of our stone, produce them, and send photos at no charge. Also, physical samples can be produced and delivered (air freight fees may apply).

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