Caviar Blue Limestone Split Edge Finish
Caviar Blue Limestone Honed Finish 80x53x3cm
Caviar Blue Limestone Mushroom Finish
Caviar Blue Limestone Antique Edge 80x53x3cm
Caviar Blue Limestone Samples with Pineapple Finish over Sawn Cut Face
Caviar Blue Limestone Adze Finish
Caviar Blue Limestone Lychee Finish

Caviar Blue Limestone Finishes

This dense limestone is versatile, allowing for a high satin finish and available in slabs, making it an excellent building material. It also accommodates a variety of finishes, including hand-chiseled and hammered finishes. Similar to other fine-grained stones, it responds well to hand-finishes. Percussive finishes not only lighten and unify the color rendering but also influence how the surface reflects light.

Preferred Finishes

Satin, Honed, Lychee, Adze, Mushroom, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Scored, Scored and Chiseled, Sand-Blasted, Brushed, Split-Chisel Cleft, Tumbled. Note that low-hone or high-hone (to a bit of a sheen) can be specified, but a reflective, mirror-like surface is not attainable with limestone. If you need help selecting finishes we are happy to help. It is part of our White Glove Service.

Featured Finish

Pineapple Finish
The pineapple finish introduces an irregular and bumpy texture to the stone, reminiscent of the distinctive pattern found on a pineapple. The unique appearance is characterized by a network of hexagonal or diamond-shaped eyes, much like those on the surface of a pineapple. Just like the fruit, the stone’s surface is robust, tough, and covered in small, raised sections. Stone craftsmen meticulously apply the pineapple finish using chisels and hammers, with each strike enhancing the stone’s individual texture and character.

Caviar Blue Limestone Regular Pineapple Finish
Caviar Blue Limestone Blocks at Partner Quarry
Caviar Blue Limestone Split Edge Finish
Factory Mockup of Caviar Blue Limestone
Factory Mockup of Caviar Bluestone

HDG Partners

HDG has relationships with partner quarries and factories in China. These partners have mature production technology and can supply high-quality products at competitive prices. HDG manages the details from initial quarry selection to job site delivery and every detail in-between. We obsess about the details so professionals in the design and building community can focus on making the project vision a reality. We think about all of the opportunities to make a client’s project a stunning success. We are also mindful of the things that could go wrong. We mind those details so you don’t have to. Learn more about our White Glove Service.

Caviar Blue Limestone Bush Hammered Lychee Finish

Natural Stone > Limestone > Caviar Blue Limestone

Caviar Blue Limestone Overview

This stone exhibits a captivating chameleon-like quality, seamlessly adopting the hues of the surrounding landscape and materials. Depending on the setting, it might showcase a warm brownish tone or a cool grey appearance. Known as Caviar Grey, Caviar Brown Limestone, and Caviar Blue, this versatile limestone harmonizes effortlessly in various landscaping contexts. When honed or polished, Caviar Blue Limestone unveils a rich, dark allure adorned with delicate caviar egg-like patterns inherent to oolitic limestone. Caviar Blue Limestone holds historical significance as the preferred stone in Chinese Temples.

Best Uses for Caviar Blue

Caviar Blue Limestone is highly versatile, catering to a range of applications and aesthetics suitable for residential, commercial, and municipal projects. Its diverse uses include slabs, tiles, mosaics, pavers, stairs, wall and building veneer, wall caps, sills, water features, fireplaces, coping, carving, and cobbles. With a rich history in China, this limestone, known for its fine-grained consistency, is a stone-carver’s dream, often featured in large stone carvings and architectural elements. Additionally, reclaimed stone is available from old buildings due to demolition or reconstruction.

Did you Know?

Limestone has a rich history and is renowned for its role in constructing some of the world’s most iconic structures, including the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Empire State Building? The Great Pyramid alone is estimated to have used around 6.1 million tons (5.5 million tonnes) of limestone in its construction.

Caviar Blue Color and Sizes

Caviar Blue Limestone is available in a variety of sizes from small cobblestone to large monumental blocks and practically any size plank, slab, or block.

Color Variation
V3, Color Variation Explained

Caviar Blue Limestone can exhibit wide variation in color and veining even for small projects. For large commercial projects, it is important that samples be approved to ensure that the blocks are all extracted from the same quarry face for matching purposes.

V3 - Color Variation - Moderate Variation - Porcelain Pavers - HDG Building Materials

Caviar Blue Limestone Applications

Perfect for a range of settings, Caviar Blue Limestone is well-suited for residential, commercial, and municipal environments, enhancing the charm of buildings, plazas, terraces, and patios. Thanks to its exceptional durability, this limestone is particularly well-suited for high-traffic areas like entrances, patios, walkways, and driveways. Whether you’re working on interior or outdoor building applications, Caviar Blue Limestone proves versatile for slabs, tiles, mosaics, pavers, stairs, wall and building veneer, wall caps, sills, water features, fireplaces, coping, carving, and cobbles.

Blue Caviar Limestone 90 Degree Quoin
HDG Caviar Blue Limestone Split Edge Finish
HDG Caviar Blue Limestone Cladding Sawn Finish
Mushroom Face Pineapple Finish Caviar Blue Limestone
Caviar Blue Limestone with Leathered Finish
HDG Caviar Blue Limestone Honed and Tumbled Finish
Mushroom Finish Caviar Blue Limestone Drilled and Packed
HDG Caviar Blue Limestone Stepping Stones Flamed Finish
HDG Caviar Blue Limestone Pineapple Finish
HDG Caviar Blue Limestone Natural Split Finish
Caviar Blue Limestone with Sawn Face Pineapple Finish
Mosaic with Caviar Blue Limestone Showing Range of Colors
Caviar Blue Limestone with Leathered and Chipped Edge Finish
Caviar Blue Limestone Window Sill
Caviar Blue Limestone Window Sill with Sloping Top Surface and Upstand

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Samples are available for most of the products HDG Building Materials supplies. For stone, select colors and finishes are in stock and available for sampling. We can also order custom-cut any finished samples of any of our stone, produce them, and send photos at no charge. Also, physical samples can be produced and delivered (air freight fees may apply).

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    Stone Cube with Various Finishes Applied

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