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Buzon Pedestal Projects

Leading architects, specifiers, and construction professionals use Buzon Pedestals in luxury residential applications, commercial, and municipal projects worldwide. HDG Building Materials is an expert dealer for Buzon Pedestals and able to supply nearly any decking material to suit a project’s needs.

Applications for Buzon pedestals include rooftop decks, patios, balconies, plazas, terraces,  swimming pool surrounds, illuminated floors, exhibition stands, water features, pedestrian walkways, roof access paths, deck systems, green roofs, temporary floors, and industrial floors. Contact us if you’d like to discuss any of these Buzon pedestal projects, or your project.

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Other Buzon Pedestal Project Resources

Considering a Rooftop Deck?

We’ve created an application note concerning the load capacity of Buzon screwjack pedestal systems.

We also explore relative roof loading for various popular rooftop decking materials. In the application note, we compare rooftop loading for a 1000 sf deck made of natural stoneconcrete pavers, 3cm porcelain and structural concrete, 2cm porcelain structural paversipe decking tiles, and lightweight HDG Thermory pavers.

Sloped Surface Design

The same slope-correcting features that allow designers to use Buzon pedestals to create level surfaces over slope-to-drain substrates can also be used to design sloping surfaces with a desired degree of slope. Buzon is uniquely designed to handle complex and varied substrates — and to generate consistent sloped ramps or walking surfaces. Learn more, view “PH5 – Create Sloped Surfaces & ADA Ramps” in Slope Correction Instructions and Examples PDF.

Buzon Pedestals BIM Objects

The entire range of Buzon adjustable pedestals has been turned into BIM objects and is accessible via the BIMobject Cloud. Learn More.

BIMobject makes our lives as architects so much easier, manufacturers that have their products on the platform are far more likely to be used by our firm.
Thomas Merchel – Architect at SMMA

Other Buzon Pedestals Resources

Visit the resources page  to view brochures, video resources, and specs and guides for Buzon Pedestals.

Visit product pages for more details:

If you are completely new to Buzon there is this one-page primer on Buzon Screwjack Pedestals.

Need Help with Your Buzon Pedestals Project?

HDG Building Materials is an expert dealer for Buzon Pedestals and able to supply nearly any decking material to suit a project’s needs. Experience Counts. Talk to HDG. Call 503.360.9551 or Click.

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