Silvered Out Patina of Ipe Hardwood Pavers Left to Weather

What Does Weathered Ipe Decking Look Like?

We get this question often so we’re sharing an example of weathered ipe decking. This commercial rooftop deck at 10 Barrel Brewing is made of ipe decking tiles over Buzon pedestals. The weathered ipe decking has been left to the elements turning a silvery hue commonly referred to as silver patina.

Has a Grey Weathered Ipe Deck Gone Bad?

Ipe wood exposed to air and the sun’s ultraviolet rays will grey over time but the integrity of the wood remains unchanged. Aged and silvered out ipe decks retain their long life, typically 50 years, as well as all of the other benefits of ipe including:

  • Exceptional hardness, durability, stability
  • Highest rating for insect (termite) & decay resistance
  • Excellent resistance to scratching
  • Natural slip resistance
  • Resistant to fire (rated Class A by NFPA)

Is Your Ipe Deck Located Elsewhere?

This commercial rooftop deck in the Portland area gets its share of sun and rain and occasionally snow. Maybe you’re located in Arizona or Maine or Colorado or along the coast. Nature doesn’t discriminate. The same grey aging characteristics will apply to your ipe decking project no matter where it is located. The only way to prevent the weathered look is to apply UV inhibiting oil occasionally. Once your ipe deck is oiled, it will age but it won’t show signs of weathering.

Ipe Decks Are Perfect for High Traffic

No matter if you let your ipe deck grey or preserve its warm natural color it will provide you with years of useful life. Ipe’s scratch resistance and durability make it an especially good choice for high-traffic commercial decks that will encounter moving tables and chairs, boots and shoes of all types and fido’s claws. With splinter free properties and natural slip-resistance even while wet, ipe is the perfect wood for sidewalks, boardwalks, backyard decks, pool surrounds, and rooftop decks.

Pressure Washed and Oiled Ipe Deck Return from Grey

Restoring Weathered Ipe Decking

This weathered ipe decking example could be restored to the original look. To restore an ipe deck that has been left to grey you need only pressure wash the ipe deck and then apply a UV inhibiting ipe oil. That natural deep walnut brown to mahogany red color will return. Truth is, it’s already there, lurking just beneath the surface. You can see the original color on the underside of the ipe deck tiles. They retain their original color because they haven’t been exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Are You Considering Ipe Decking?

Are you involved in designing, specifying, or building a commercial rooftop deck or terrace that requires ipe decking over deck pedestals? Whether you need help specifying Buzon pedestals or selecting decking materials, HDG Building Materials has you covered.

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