Residential Deck with Porcelain Pavers Over Buzon PB Series Pedestals

HDG Aluminum Joists

Use aluminum joists over pedestals to create a load-bearing and weatherproof platform for your decking surface. Wood joists are unpredictable. Decking installers are often confronted with having to plane wood joist crowns and shim sags. Aluminum, on the other hand is hassle-free and worry-free. Aluminum joists are straighter, stronger, load-bearing, impervious to weather, insects, and rot.

What Do You Know About Aluminum?

Aluminum is stronger than wood of the same size. This means you can use a lower profile aluminum joist compared to the size of wood you’d need to match the strength. This also means you can span greater distances between your deck pedestals, thereby reducing the pedestal count required for a project. Strength isn’t the only benefit.

Benefits of HDG Aluminum Joists:

  • Form-stable, always straight, load-bearing, torsion-free
  • Impervious to weather, UV exposure, insects and rot
  • Marine grade and salt water resistant
  • Specially adapted for use with any deck clip or attachment
  • Designed to work with pedestal systems
  • Engineered for heavier loads and pavers
  • Compatible with nearly any decking materials
  • Long life reduces cost of ownership

Use Aluminum Joists When Space is Limited

Use HDG Aluminum Joists for low profile pedestal decking/plank paver areas. These tight areas occur most frequently near the building at the door threshold.

  • HDG Aluminum Joist, 1 3/16″ tall x 1 7/8″ wide
  • BC-0,  7/16″ and BC-1 ,  9/16″ are fixed height pedestals
  • BC-PH5 Slope Corrector, 9/16″
  • BC-02 and PB-01 are lowest height Buzon adjustable pedestals, 1 1/8″
  • Buzon U-BRS Aluminum Joist also available

Lowest Height Pedestal Joist Decking

Fixed-Height Pedestals

Use a fixed-height pedestal without a slope corrector to create the lowest-height pedestal joist decking solution. The lowest cavity possible is 7/16″ (BC-0) + 1 3/16″ (joist) + 3/4″ (board decking) = less than 2 1/2″ total.

Fully-Adjustable Pedestals for Height and Slope

Adding a slope corrector to adjustable pedestals makes for the easiest and fastest installation but requires a larger cavity.  The lowest cavity possible for this option is  1 3/4″ (BC-2+BC-PH5) + 1 3/16″ (joist) + 3/4″ (board decking) = 3 11/16″.

Aluminum Joist Decking Applications

Product and Service Support

HDG Has Your Decking Needs Covered

We can provide you with HDG universal aluminum joists or Buzon U-BRS aluminum joists as well as your desired decking materials. Choose among wood- or stone-finish porcelain pavers, board decking, Resysta rice-hull composite decking, hardwood pavers, concrete pavers or natural stone tiles. FSC® Products Are Available. We are also an expert dealer for Buzon pedestals.

Expert Dealer Services

Whether you are designing a residential deck or a large public plaza we can help. HDG works closely with our clients to provide accurate project take-offs, competitive pricing, and technical support. When you have a pedestal project all we need are a dimensioned plan along with the elevations of the finished paver heights measured from the subgrade below. From that we will figure out the grid-pattern and takeoff quantities and pricing. With the job, we produce a color-coded CAD drawing showing location and height of each pedestal.

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