Project: North Scottsdale Residence

Residential Project: North Scottsdale Residence

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

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HDG works closely with our clients to provide accurate project take-offs, competitive pricing, and technical support. When you have a pedestal project all we need are a dimensioned plan along with the elevations of the finished paver heights measured from the subgrade below. From that we will figure out the grid-pattern and takeoff quantities and pricing. With the job, we produce a color-coded CAD drawing showing location and height of each pedestal.

Patio Makeover Project Overview

This patio makeover project aimed to improve the design aesthetic of the patio, providing a complimentary color to the home and eliminating the visible curved edges where the walls met the substrate. It was also important to reduce the maintenance burden and retain the slope to drains feature. Using porcelain pavers in a raised floor application installed over Buzon pedestals achieved these objectives.

The HDG Fusa Luna porcelain paver with a Persica Cream Limestone – Lychee finish and medium-high, V4, color variation perfectly matched the color and texture of the home. Porcelain pavers offer many technical advantages over natural stone or other decking materials while having low maintenance requirements.

Porcelain Pavers and Buzon Pedestals Used in Project

This balcony makeover project used Buzon BC-04 adjustable screwjack pedestals and HDG Fusa Luna Porcelain Pavers.

Buzon BC-4 Adjustable Heigh Pedestal

The BC-4 is made up of 1 BC-4-Base, 1 BC-4-Top, and 2 locking keys. It is height-adjustable from 85 to 140 mm. With the addition of the BC-PH5 slope corrector, the BC-4 is adjustable in height from 97 to 152 mm and slope from 0 to 5%.

Fusa Luna 60x60 cm 20 mm Thick Outdoor Rated Porcelain Tile

Inspired by mountains, rivers, and valleys, these porcelain pavers add elegance, organic qualities, and natural style to any outdoor setting. Fusa Luna Porcelain Pavers are in the beige/white color family and will exhibit shade and vein variation (V3).

Project Partners:

HDG Building Materials supplied Buzon pedestals and porcelain pavers for this installation.

Builder/Contractor: McCallum Services Inc.

Hey Erik, You have been a big help through this project. I have learned a lot and ready to do more. It is a great system! – Nate McCallum, President of McCallum Services Inc.

Accessories Used in This Porcelain Pavers and Buzon Pedestals Raised Floor Application

  • BC-TAB-R
  • BC-U-E20 Anti-Slip Shims
  • BC-PH5 – 0 to 5% slope corrector

View each video to better understand how each of these Buzon pedestal accessories works with other pedestal components and decking materials.

BC-PH5 Slope Corrector

BC-PH5 slope corrector is an adjustable unit equipped with two rotary plates allowing the adjustment of an angle between 0 and 5%. It is placed under the base of Buzon BC or PB series pedestals to achieve a horizontal (slope-corrected) or inclined terrace as desired.

U-KIT-SL80 Spirit Level

The BUZON U-KIT-SL80 spirit level is the essential tool for controlling slopes. It measures the value and direction of the slope of the deck support at any location. This information is essential for the use of our correction systems and slope control.


BC-TAB-R are spacer tabs fixed by pressure onto the top (head) of Buzon pedestals. Spacer tabs regulate the spacing between the pavers, ensuring pavers have uniform alignment and provide a space for water drainage from the decking surface to the substrate below. BC-Tabs in this project gave the porcelain pavers a uniform joint-spacing while staying below the decking surface. Spacer tabs are available in multiple widths.

BC-U-E20 Anti-Slip Shims

BC-U-E20 Anti-Slip Shims provide a cushion between the pavers and the pedestal head, deadening sound, stopping any movement, and leveling up any uneven paver materials. Buzon Pedestals accommodate decking materials with different thickness by using anti-slip U-E10 (1 mm) or U-E20 (2 mm) rubber shims placed under the porcelain pavers (or other materials) that needs to be compensated.

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