Concrete Paver Design for Public Space

Public Park Design

Budget Friendly and Inviting

It is no wonder that concrete pavers are so popular with landscape designers, architects, and homeowners. Concrete pavers are more attractive than asphalt or concrete as a paving solution and can be equally economical, especially when covering lots of ground. Each of us have visited parks, plazas, patios, and promenades that used concrete pavers in the design. No matter the scale of the project a well executed concrete paver design can make us feel welcome in the space.

Contrast Adds Appeal

This park design makes use of contrasting granite-look concrete pavers. Placed in alternating colors they create visual interest. The smaller brick-size pavers feel familiar and create a welcoming environment. Even under various natural and artificial lighting the contrasting colors are visual interesting and easily navigated. Further contrast could be added by varying the size of the pavers. HDG Building Materials provides concrete pavers from the tiniest cobbles to larger format concrete paver slabs. There are sizes, finishes, and colors to fit nearly any design.

Tech Series Concrete Pavers

The Tech Series concrete pavers offer a wide range of paver types and sizes to fit any commercial or residential project. Choose from basic no frills pavers with a non-blast finish or among pavers with slate, woodgrain, aggregate or porcelain finishes in distinctive colors to create bold statements. To get the look of the concrete pavers used in this public plaza design choose HDG TECH Granite Pavers. Available in nine standard colors and a wide range of sizes. Mix colors and sizes for dramatic effect.

Start Your Design

Whether you are designing a public park, promenade, backyard retreat, or private patio, concrete pavers offer endless design possibilities. With so many variations possible you might need help dialing in your design. We are happy to help. We can provide samples and provide guidance on material selection, installation, and availability. Get in touch.

HDG has You Covered

HDG Building Materials provide architects, landscape designers, and builders with superior paving, decking and pedestal products. We provide most any decking materials desired in addition to concrete pavers. As an example, we can provide natural stone (granite, basalt) pavers or for cobbles, we also have 1 3/16″ (3CM) and 2″ (5CM) thick structural porcelain paver options. HDG is an expert dealer for Buzon Pedestals International and often collaborates with designers and architects on designs for rooftop decks, raised terraces, and other designs that move beyond simple mortar-set or sand-set pavers.

Honeycomb Shaped Pavers with Buzon Circular Spacer Tabs - HDG Building Materials redux

Curvilinear Designs are Possible

You’re not limited to squares and rectangles. Any shape and size pavers, oversized ashlar-patterns, planks, whatever you want, we have you covered. HDG can fabricate and furnish any radius-cut and shaped natural stone pavers. See how we use Buzon BC-Series pedestals and circular spacer tabs in creative designs.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic - HDG Grating Panels

Rooftop Cobblestone Deck

Seems impossible right? Well, it’s not. HDG can set brick-size pavers, cobble or smaller paver patterns (ashlar, herring-bone, basket-weave)on a roof-deck by using HDG ADA-Rated Grating Panels affixed to Buzon pedestals. We re-define the structural, permeable platform at whatever height is needed.

Experience Counts. Talk to HDG.

Need help deciding on materials or want to discuss your project? Call us at 503.360.9551, email, chat with us online or click.

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