Project Name: ACRE Extreme Weather Deck

Residential Project: Mixed Materials and Modern Design

Location: Arizona

ACRE Decking for Extreme Weather

Extreme weather is no match for ACRE decking by Modern Mill. This desert deck is located in sunny Arizona, known for extremely hot and sustained temperatures. But ACRE decking would be equally at home in the cold mountain temperatures found in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona. Fun Fact: In 1971 the temperature dipped to a icy cool −40 °F/°C at Hawley Lake, a 300-acre lake in east-central Arizona, nestled in the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation, at an elevation of 8,200 feet.

ACRE Performance

In addition to its extreme durability and resistance to the elements, ACRE™ decking and siding products will not rot, warp, splinter, crack or swell. They stand up to UV, fire, water, pest, and fungus. It’s almost as though they are not wood. That is the other Fun Fact: ACRE is a 100% tree-free and forest friendly, non-wood product made from upcycled rice hulls in a zero-waste manufacturing process located in Mississippi. ACRE looks and feels like wood but outperforms wood in longevity, workability, and sustainability. See more benefits.

ACRE Decking Project Details

ACRE decking is available its natural state, but it can also be finished with water-based stains and paints. In this extreme weather project ACRE decking was stained to resemble a rich piece of mahogany. See Coatings Guide below for recommended finishing. ACRE decking is available in a square-edge or grooved-edge profiles. This project used hidden fasteners to retain a smooth uninterrupted decking finish. ACRE decking is naturally slip-resistant making it a perfect material near pools and other wet applications that will encounter pedestrian traffic.

ACRE Decking Profiles

ACRE Decking grooved-edge

Grooved Boards:
5/4″ x 6 (nominal)

ACRE Decking square-edge

Square edge:
5/4″ x 6 (nominal)

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