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Benefits of Glass Pavers & Treads

  • Seven organic textures and two edge treatments allow for endless design possibilities
  • Glass makes any application more artistic
  • Allows light to flow through
  • Polished edges showcase pure glass beauty
  • Stronger than granite or stone
  • Center load for 36-inch wide tread is 1800 lbs
  • Treads can be sized and shaped to fit any space
  • Slip resistant embedded texture is anti-skid and scratch-proof
  • Eco-friendly option and 100% recyclable
  • Qualify for points under LEED and NAHB building guidelines
  • Non -porous substance is naturally hygienic
    Natural beauty and luminescence

Structural Glass Pavers

Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, these eco-friendly structural glass pavers empower the designer with new ways to imagine flooring, platforms, and pedestrian bridges. Glass Pavers provide a unique look to any area. Hand-finished, slightly textured glass provides a strong and slip resistant surface. Glass also allows light to flow through – providing a spectacular accent to any floor. Structural Glass Pavers are customized to fit any space.

Choose From Seven Organic Textures


Popular texture with the designers. Beautiful and organic in feel due to a gentle flow in the patterns. It naturally blends with almost every conceivable design and take on a life of its own.


Minimalist, clean and crisp, virtually textureless.


As popular as the Natura and similar, it has a more uniform flow in the pattern.


Sweeping brush strokes creating a soft directional pattern.


Wave-like pattern, resembling the sea, most popular for oceanside residences and water application environments.

Translucent Pedestals

Buzon Pedestals with Illuminated Glass Pavers 1 - HDG Building Materials

Buzon Pedestals – Translucent Polycarbonate

Combine structural glass pavers with translucent Buzon Pedestals to create a dramatic effect. HDG Building Materials can provide translucent Buzon polycarbonate adjustable height pedestals. Please contact HDG for pricing.

Glass Textures

Glass Tread and Walkway Applications

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