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An Excellent Choice For Heavily Used Surfaces

One of the most popular natural stones on the market, new granite resources are continually being located and developed throughout the world. Granite colors and finishes are available to suit almost any landscape design or building requirement.

Granite is used for exterior cladding and pavement material, and its inherent strength, abrasion resistance, and superior weathering durability keep it one of the preeminent material selections available to today’s architects. Granite has been employed as the traditional material for municipal curbs, where its strength and durability have been documented with decades of vehicular abuse. In the northern climates where snow melting chemicals are used heavily, granite resists the attack of these caustic agents.

Being one of the hardest of the dimension stone types, the use of granite has skyrocketed in residential interior applications as a result. Available in a striking array of colors, granite’s durability, longevity, and economy make it ideal for kitchen countertops and other heavily used surfaces, including tabletops and floors.

Absorption rates (% water, by weight) of stones in this group range from 0.05% to 0.40%, indicating that the available pore volume capable of harboring a staining agent is very slight. Impregnating repellents are sometimes used to further reduce the stain resistance of these materials.

There is a granite stone color and finish to fit nearly any architectural or landscape design application.

Granite Colors

Combine Your Finish With The Perfect Color

Baja Gold

Bigio Grey

Butterfly Black

Sandblasted Cristallo White Granite

Cristallo White

Pureo Plum

Shasta Gold

Tiger Skin Yellow Granite

Tiger Yellow

Poipu Black Basalt

Paesaggio White Granite - HDG Building Materials

Paesaggio White

Gobi Tan – A

Butterfly Blue

Athens Red Granite Natural Stone - HDG Building Materials

Athens Red

Giallo Santa Cecilia Granite

Giallo Santa Cecilia

Indi Brown

Indian Red

H2 Pearl Yellow Flamed Granite

H2 Pearl Yellow

Warm Green-Grey Granite Stone 500x500

Warm Green-Grey

Granite Finishes

Choose From Among 14 Granite Finishes











Scored & Chiseled




Featured Granite Colors

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HDG-Delta Grey Granite w/Black Veins

Unique Grey Granite

Designed and fabricated for projects wanting the benefits of granite stone with the unique look of grey granite with black veins. The black veining on this grey granite is reminiscent of a river-delta.

This is a good material choice for exterior architectural and landscape dimensional stone. Use this unique granite for pavers, stairs, cladding, coping and caps.

Available in large slabs as shown. Blocks are readily available.

HDG-Delta Grey Granite Colors and Finishes:

Medium Grey with Black Veins

Available Finishes

Available in most of HDG’s traditional hand-chiseled and machine finishes including:

  • Flamed
  • Polished
  • Honed
  • Sandblasted
  • Flamed + brushed
HDG Delta Grey Granite with Black Veins - Flamed and Brushed Finish - HDG Building Materials

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