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HDG Exterior Bamboo

Bamboo is among the most sustainable natural building materials on the planet. Characterized as a wood, bamboo is actually a flowering perennial evergreen plant in the grass family. Giant bamboos are the largest members of the grass family. Bamboo is renewable and sustainable. HDG Exterior Bamboo is mainly used for outdoor decking, wall cladding and fencing. It is outstanding in terms of hardness, dimensional stability, and resistance to decay and insects.

HDG Exterior Bamboo is available in Decking Profiles, Siding Profiles, and Rainclad Siding mounted to batten on sheathing construction installations.

Did You Know?

Bamboo’s Long History and Versatility

Bamboo has been used in Europe, Asia, and especially China for more than 4,000 years due to its extreme versatility.  Bamboo fibers are used in a wide variety of applications including: culinary applications, textiles, paper, musical instruments, bicycles, skateboards, furniture, and building materials including flooring, decking, and siding.

HDG Exterior Bamboo Decking


  • Patented process of manufacturing strand-woven bamboo: heat-treated, infused with phenolic resin and compressed
  • Food-Grade – no off-gassing
  • Decking may be face-screwed or utilize the hidden-clip system
  • Lengths: 72″ (1828.8mm)
  • Size: 20mm thick (3/4″) x 137mm wide (5 3/8″)
    Metric accurate, US sizes approximate
  • Reversible: milled smooth one face, reeded on the other
  • Milling: G2 is double-edge grooved, G1 is single-edge grooved (used as nosing/deck edge)
  • Finish: Pre-primed w/WOCA Exterior Natural Oil-Finish – all 4 sides to provide rich appearance. Recommend top-coating with water-based Carver Guard for superior UV protection. (pre-priming with WOCA will allow a top-coat with oils of your choice)
Bamboo Decking - HDG Building Materials

Decking Profiles Available

HDG Exterior G1 Single-Edge Grooved

HDG Exterior G2 Double-Edge Grooved

Bamboo Growth Facts

  • Can grow up to 39 inches in one day
  • Typical growth rates of 1–4 inches per day
  • Can grow up to 100 feet tall
  • Can grow up to 8 inches in diameter

HDG Exterior Bamboo Siding

Our unique system offers the most appealing looking rain screen and siding solution available. Whether you pick siding as an accent or per building code requirements, HDG Exterior Bamboo Rainclad Siding is an aesthetically pleasing natural material. The patented Fusion Process Technology ensures it will stand up to the elements. We offer a complete installation system. HDG Exterior Bamboo Siding covers 3.5″ or 5″ and can be installed on studs/batten or mounted on-panel/sheathing using clips.

Bamboo, Unlike Ipe…

  • Adds to LEED Certification – rapidly renewable
  • Very consistent grain and color – ipe color range now can be high
  • Very tight dimensional tolerances – ipe culls can be unbelievable, heard some contractors ordering +20%
  • Dimensionally stable even in extreme weather – no twists
  • 15% lighter than 5/4″ x 6′ ipe
  • Less expensive than ipe
Dasso Bamboo Rainclad Siding Mounted on Panel Using Clips - HDG Building Materials
Dasso rainclad siding clip - HDG Building Materials

Rainclad Siding 9/16″ 3 Hole Clips

For HDG RainClad Bamboo siding mounted to batten on sheathing construction installations. Three hole pattern assures a securely mounted installation. Rainclad 3 Hole 9/16″ Aluminum Batten Installation Clips creates a wall cavity of 3/4″ allowing moisture to rapidly dissipate. Made from highest quality extruded aluminum.

Siding Profiles Available

HDG Exterior -100

HDG Exterior -137

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