Rooftop Decks and Loading

We regularly answer a couple of recurring questions concerning rooftop decking materials and applications: 1) What is the loading capacity of Buzon Pedestals when pedestal systems are used in rooftop decks and raised terraces? and 2) What are the loading capacities of various rooftop decking materials and how much load do those materials pose themselves?

There are many factors to consider in selecting decking materials for a rooftop decking application. We’ve created an application note concerning the load capacity of Buzon screwjack pedestal systems. We also explore relative roof loading for various popular rooftop decking materials.

Rooftop Decking Materials

In the application note, we compare rooftop loading for a 1000 sf deck made of natural stone, concrete pavers, 3cm porcelain and structural concrete, 2cm porcelain structural paversipe decking tiles, and lightweight HDG Thermory pavers. Increased material weight has consequences in structural engineering requirements especially when factoring in active loads. With heavier materials and active loads it’s as though your inviting buffalo to roam on your rooftop. We use the bison or buffalo as a visual reminder to help architects, specifiers, building owners, and property developers understand the tradeoffs in decking materials for rooftop decks, ultimately answering the question, how many buffalo will your rooftop deck support? That is a revealing question to ask because you might find yourself needing additional engineering in order to accommodate certain decking materials.

We hope you find the application note useful. If it has you asking even more questions please reach out. We’d love the opportunity to discuss your rooftop decking application and help you navigate the various decking materials available.

Rooftop Deck Loading Application Note for Decking Materials and Roof Loading - Buzon Pedestal Systems - HDG Building Materials

Click image or this link to download application note. (PDF will open in new window)

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