Rooftop deck with Buzon pedestal system at 10 Barrel Brewing

Photos courtesy of 10 Barrel Brewing

Rooftop Decks from Wasted Spaces

A rooftop deck system can transform a drab unused space into a sought after place where people want to gather, relax outdoors, and enjoy the skyline views. Green roofs, a special kind of rooftop deck, can boast beautiful gardens, edible vegetation, conserve energy, and provide places to walk, picnic, or be entertained.

In expensive real estate hotspots such as Honolulu, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle, adding an urban rooftop deck system is a practical way for owners to add space needed to accommodate business growth. 10 Barrel Brewing knows this firsthand. They added a rooftop patio to their location in Portland’s Pearl District. Now patrons can take in the views of the trendy city while indulging in food and choosing among 20 taps of beer.

Services Hidden in Plain Site

One thing you won’t see on a well designed rooftop deck are drains, electrical wiring and conduit, irrigation lines, and other services that could be trip hazards or view destroyers for the guests visiting those spaces.

If I had known about screw-jack pedestals earlier in my career I absolutely would have put them everywhere. I like that you can create comfortable level surfaces for people right over the top of sloped surfaces designed to drain. I also like being able to hide irrigation, plumbing, and electrical services below the surface. This is much more elegant than running conduit everywhere.

Bing SheldonFAIA, retired chairman and founder of SERA Architects
ipe wood deck tiles over Buzon pedestals on rooftop deck - Expert dealer HDG Building Materials

What is the rooftop deck system?

What holds up the decking? Below the decking surface is an array of adjustable-height pedestals. Each pedestal individually corrects for slope so that water can drain while at the same time the walking or sitting surface remains perfectly level. Pedestals are height-adjustable and accommodate a variety of decking materials including: hardwood decking tiles (as shown in the 10 Barrels Brewing images), wood decking, natural stone, Thermory pavers, Resysta decking, structural porcelain pavers, concrete pavers, even walkable glass pavers.

Not all Pedestals are Creating Equally

Buzon Pedestals International is the pioneer who invented the adjustable-height screwjack pedestal. Since their origin in 1987 they’ve never stopped innovating. The reputation of BUZON® pedestals is the result of extensive experience with installations in over 40 countries and a willingness to listen to and cooperate with architects, specifiers, urban planners, landscape architects and construction professionals. This is why HDG Building Materials chooses to be an expert dealer for Buzon Pedestal products in the U.S.

Buzon Pedestals with Ipe Hardwood Tiles - HDG Building Materials

Considering a Rooftop Deck System?

If you are involved in designing, specifying, or building a residential, commercial, or municipal space that requires roof deck pedestals, we can assist you. Whether you need help specifying Buzon pedestals or selecting from the various decking materials to cover them, HDG Building Materials has you covered. Please contact us.

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