Project: Therma-HEXX Snow Melt Project

Luxury Residential: Low Maintenance Home in Iowa

Project Overview

This residential home in Iowa has an exterior snow melt system to prevent snow and ice from building up. The decking surfaces use pedestal mounted porcelain pavers. Thermal panels are mounted on the underside of the pavers. The energy-efficient thermal panel unit distributes hydronic fluid under the pavers preventing the build-up of icy conditions. The melt runoff flows to the gaps between the porcelain pavers and onward to the drains. Residential or commercial building owners can use a snow melt system to kick snow and ice to the curb. This saves time and money while improving safety by preventing slips and falls.

Snow Melt System Benefits:

  • Stops need for de-icing salt or traction grit (sand)
  • Prevents tracking grit or chemicals to building interior
  • Improves safety for pedestrians
  • Prevents slippery frost, snow and ice build-up
  • Prolongs life of surface materials and substrate
  • Eliminates winter maintenance labor costs
  • Saves frustrating and time consuming snow and ice clearing
  • Reduces liability related to slips and falls
  • Improves the aesthetic appeal of decks, pathways, driveways

System Components:

  • Buzon PB-Series screwjack pedestals
  • Buzon Accessories:
    • Slope corrector
    • Spacer tabs
  • ThermaPANEL from Therma-HEXX
  • Porcelain pavers

Project Partners:

Buzon Pedestals: HDG Building Materials, Buzon USA Dealer
Buzon Master Distributor: Buzon USA
ThermaPANEL System: Therma-HEXX 
Porcelain Pavers by others
Mechanical Installer: Bell Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc
Landscape Subcontractor: Architectural Products Inc.
Architect: CMBA Architects

Snow Melt System Applications

A snow melt system is perfect in an environment where you want to have access while reducing the risk of injuries from slipping. Or, if you want to eliminate the physical labor (and cost) of shoveling snow and deicing.  These systems have been used for maintenance areas at airports and commercial buildings, rooftop decks, raised terraces, sidewalks, ramps, roads, driveways, and pedestrian pathways. For roads and driveways consider SH 3cm Series Drive-Over Porcelain Pavers.

Do you want to kick ice to the curb?

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