Pedestal Paver Installation Examples

Why Install Pedestal Pavers?

Installing pedestal pavers can bring new life to tired spaces, provide access, and expand outdoor living space. Applications include rooftop decks, balconies, terraces, green roofs, and industrial walks. The goal is to keep the surface level while allowing water to pass to the substrate below and follow the slope to the drains. Leading architects and builders have designed Buzon pedestals into water features, terraces, plazas, balconies, rooftop decks and green roofs in prominent commercial and government buildings and public spaces in 50 countries. Buzon pedestals are suited for both large-scale projects as well as small installations.

Buzon Pedestal Paver System Basics

Pedestal paver systems use adjustable supports to create level surfaces over uneven or sloping substrates. Buzon pedestal paver systems are modular, can correct slopes up to 15-degrees and have pedestal heights ranging from ½” to 44”. Buzon pedestals are compatible with most decking materials including: ipe hardwood deck tiles, Black Locust Deck Tiles, Kebony® Decking, wood and composite board decking, Thermory Wood Pavers, natural stone pavers, Resysta decking, structural porcelain pavers, concrete pavers, even walkable glass pavers.

Installing Pedestal Pavers Step-by-Step

Components Used For Installing Pedestal Pavers

Buzon Slope Corrector

Buzon’s slope correcting feature makes it easy to correct for roof pitch or to smooth out uneven surfaces or locally uneven sub-bases. The U-PH5 slope corrector is placed under the base of the pedestal and rotated to the desired slope compensation. Two rotary plates allow adjustment of an angle between 0 and 5%. Use the slope corrector to achieve a horizontal (slope-corrected) or inclined terrace as desired.

Buzon Bubble Level

The BUZON U-KIT-SL80 bubble level is the essential tool for controlling slopes. It measures the value and direction of the slope of the deck support at any location. This information is essential for the use of the Buzon slope correction system. See more details in the datasheet.

U-Wall Perimeter Spacer

The U-Wall is an accessory that can be attached to all ranges of Buzon pedestals. It creates a uniform 5 mm (or greater) gap between the paver and the wall, enabling water flow which protects the terrace in the case of heavy rainfall. U-WALL can be installed on terraces of any shape: angular, curved, etc.

Using Buzon Pedestals and HDG Grating Panels to Design a Sloped Surface Over an Uneven Substrate

Pedestal Paver Options

Pedestal paver installations may require additional components. Obstacles might prevent placing pedestals in a location needed to support decking. In this case, HDG grating panels will need to be included in the design. For some designs we recommend aluminum joists to create a substructure that affixes to the pedestals. If strong winds are expected then we’ll provide a range of solutions for wind uplift. Talk to HDG to see which components are right for your application.

Project Takeoffs

When you are ready, email us the dimensioned plan sheet for the area to receive pedestal decking, along with the substrate plan sheet showing the drain and ridge locations and heights. From these, we will create a very accurate layout, takeoff and quote. We produce a color-coded CAD drawing showing location and height of each pedestal. If you are doing shop drawings and takeoffs, we can provide a height matrix to see the range of each pedestal with the slope corrector.

Buzon Pedestal CAD Layout by HDG Building Materials used for Installation
Porcelain Pavers at Door Threshold on Rooftop Deck Installation Over Buzon Pedestals on Canal Street

HDG Porcelain Pavers

HDG outdoor-rated structural porcelain pavers give designers and architects tremendous design flexibility. Porcelain Pavers can be sand-set, mortar-set, or pedestal-set. And, with availability in a variety of colors and sizes and with wood-, stone-, and concrete-looks, designers can choose just the right look for their upscale residential or commercial application. Visit the inspiration gallery to find the perfect look.

Support Installing Pedestal Pavers

Buzon Master Dealer

As a Buzon pedestals master dealer, HDG Building Materials supplies pedestals and decking materials. We also help solve design problems using HDG Grating Panels, which are often used in conjunction with pedestals and porcelain pavers.

Contact Us to Get Started

We are available to you from concept to completion. Need help selecting porcelain pavers or Buzon pedestals and accessories for your pedestal paver installation? Call 503.360.9551, Email, or fill out the form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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