Project: Porcelain Pavers Balcony Makeover

Residential Project: Tualatin Private Home

Location: Portland, Oregon

Expert Dealer Services

HDG works closely with our clients to provide accurate project take-offs, competitive pricing, and technical support. When you have a pedestal project all we need are a dimensioned plan along with the elevations of the finished paver heights measured from the subgrade below. From that we will figure out the grid-pattern and takeoff quantities and pricing. With the job, we produce a color-coded CAD drawing showing location and height of each pedestal.

Balcony Makeover Project Overview

This porcelain pavers balcony makeover project was challenged with improving the design aesthetic of the balcony while reducing the maintenance burden. By using porcelain pavers both objectives were achieved.

The HDG Pietra Kaia Blue porcelain paver with a cleft finish and high color, V4, variation perfectly matched the bluestone used in the home’s approach. Porcelain pavers offer many technical advantages over natural stone or other decking materials while having low maintenance requirements.

Rule of Thumb: 10% Overage

When determining paver quantity for a decking project a prudent purchase includes 10% overage. This is usually sufficient for cutting waste, breakage, and attic stock. Having attic stock can help you avoid loss of use, lost revenue for commercial spaces, and flawed aesthetics in the event a material is no longer in production at the time a future repair is needed. Experience Counts. Talk to HDG.

Proof of Concept Mockup

The porcelain pavers selected for this project were backordered. To get a jump start on a project while awaiting materials, a proof of concept mockup was created.

Whether working with large stone installations or installing raised decks over Buzon pedestals fabricating a mockup can be beneficial to:

  • Prove out the design concept
  • Visualize design in context of surroundings
  • Validate dimensions
  • Become familiar with materials, e.g. pedestals, pavers, slope correctors, spacer tabs, etc.
  • Understand material color variation

Materials Used in Porcelain Pavers Balcony Makeover

This balcony makeover project used Buzon BC-02 adjustable screwjack pedestals and HDG Pietra Kaia Blue Porcelain Pavers.

BC-02 Buzon Pedestal

The BC-2 pedestal is composed of the BC-Top and BC-Base. It is height-adjustable from 40 to 55 mm. With addition of BC-PH5 slope corrector, the BC-2 is adjustable in height from 52 to 67 mm and slope from 0 to 5%.

HDG PIETRA Kaia Blue Cleft Detail - HDG Building Materials

HDG Pietra Kaia Blue pavers revisit the traditional Pennsylvania bluestone. Use this series for patios, pool decks, balconies, terraces, walkways, steps, and driveways.  3/4 inch thickness.

Project Partners:

HDG Building Materials supplied Buzon pedestals and porcelain pavers for this installation.

Builder/Contractor: Hammered Construction

Installation Training

Our Buzon pedestal system technical expert and partner in Buzon USA West, will be on site, training the installers (GC or subs) at the start of large or specialty projects.

Experience Counts. Talk to HDG.

Would you like to discuss materials or logistics behind this project or perhaps your own.
Reach out for help. Call 503.360.9551 or Click.

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