Rooftop Deck with Glass Panel Doors and Wheelchair Accessible Ramp

Rooftop Deck with Thermo Ash Decking

Commercial Project: Rooftop Deck
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Innovative Rooftop Deck

This innovative gallery space features a thermo ash rooftop deck, creating an outdoor living room accessible via exterior stairs, an elevator, or through a wall of glass panel doors. The deck is made of beautiful and durable thermo ash decking, installed over slope-correcting Buzon pedestals. An ADA accessible ramp adjacent to the stairs was designed using Buzon top-mounted slope correctors. A gradual slope across the lower level ensures accessibility throughout.

Thermo Ash Decking

Thermally modified ash is ideal for those who appreciate a distinguished exterior eco-friendly hardwood. Thermal modification gives wood a beautiful rich color and aesthetic appeal. It makes wood more durable, stable, and resistant to the environment, while retaining the warmth of real wood.

Thermo Ash Rooftop Deck with Buzon Pedestals

Building Materials Used in this Thermo Ash Rooftop Deck

This commercial rooftop deck features Buzon BC-Series adjustable screwjack pedestals and Thermo Ash Decking. Bottom slope correctors were used to maintain a perfectly level decking surface, while top slope correctors were utilized to create the ADA accessible ramp near the elevator. Various Buzon accessories were also employed. All components used in this thermo ash deck project are designed for longevity, ensuring years of worry-free enjoyment for the owner.

Beautiful Thermo Ash Decking and Stair Detail on Rooftop Deck Made with Buzon Pedestals
Accessible Ramp Made with Thermo Ash Decking Over Buzon Pedestals with Top Slope Corrector

Create Sloped Surfaces and ADA Ramps

Designers and architects sometimes wish to create sloped surfaces for rooftops, decks, walking surfaces, and to create wheelchair accessible ramps. The same slope-correcting features that allow designers to use Buzon pedestals to create level surfaces over slope-to-drain substrates can also be used to design sloping surfaces with a desired degree of slope.

Using Buzon Pedestals to Create Sloped Surfaces and ADA Ramps

View “PH5 Create Sloped Surfaces & ADA Ramps” in Slope Correction Instructions and Examples PDF.

Top Slope Corrector Height Guide – BC-Series

Height guide shows heights of BC pedestals with DPH-PH5 top slope corrector snapped onto the pedestal head. For use with all pedestals in the BC range.

Thumbnail Image of Datasheet for Top Slope Corrector Height Guide

Top Slope Corrector Height Guide
(PDF will open in new window)

Top Slope Correction Used for Creating Ramps

The DPH-PH5 slope corrector snaps onto the head of the BC pedestal. It can be used to slope correct or to create ramps with a desired degree of slope. Each DPH-PH5 compensates slope up to 5% in increments of 0.5%. For use with all pedestals in the BC range. When used in conjunction with the U-PH5 base slope corrector, slope correction of up to 20% can be achieved.

Experts in Pedestal Paver Solutions

Why Choose HDG for your Rooftop Deck?

As experts in pedestal paver solutions, HDG offers unparalleled design and installation guidance. Whether you’re designing a modest terrace or a large public plaza, our takeoffs simplify the process, showing locations, heights, layouts, and more. Reach out at any stage – we’re here to bring your vision to life.

Our shop drawings and takeoffs show paver layout, count and partial pavers/cuts. When board-decking is involved our takeoffs show joint-pattern and linear footage as well as the joist-spacing.

Reach out at any stage of your projects. We’ll help you get started and keep going, from concept to completion. We are happy to work with landscape architects, building professionals, architects, planners, designers, and owners interested in using superior products.

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