Brick Courtyard with Wood Finish Porcelain Pavers
Supported by Buzon Pedestals and HDG Aluminium Joists

Materials used:

Tight Corner? No Problem

This project shows the perfect installation of porcelain pavers around a tight corner with an immovable object, in this case, a pipe. Below the decking surface is a supporting grid made of PB-Series Buzon pedestals and HDG Aluminum Joists. The installers perfectly cut the porcelain paver to fit the profile of the pipe. The cut porcelain paver fits the pipe as well as the adjoining pavers thanks in part to the flat surface created by the aluminum joists.

Good to Know

Aluminum is stronger than wood of the same size. This means you can use a lower profile aluminum joist compared to the size of wood you’d need to match the strength. This also means you can span greater distances between your deck pedestals, thereby reducing the pedestal count required for a project.

Discuss Projects

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