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Creating Better Experiences

Some services should be highly visible and top of mind like professional waitstaff bringing the food and beverages you’ve ordered while dining. Other services though, should be out of site and out of mind. With some forethought in design and innovative products at your back, today’s architects, designers, and construction professionals can hide electrical, plumbing, gas, and irrigation services below a decking surface. Best of all, they can do this while maintaining a perfectly level surface for furniture and guests.

Services Hidden in Plain Site

With innovative products like Buzon screwjack pedestals there is no need to sacrifice design aesthetic in trade for providing maintenance personnel with access to electrical and other services. Using Buzon screwjack pedestals in raised flooring applications enables designers to hide services in plain site beneath the decking surface. Keeping services hidden increases public safety by minimizing trip hazards and reducing the chances for vandalism.

If I had known about screw-jack pedestals earlier in my career I absolutely would have put them everywhere. I like that you can create comfortable level surfaces for people right over the top of sloped surfaces designed to drain. I also like being able to hide irrigation, plumbing, and electrical services below the surface. This is much more elegant than running conduit everywhere.

Bing SheldonFAIA, retired chairman and founder of SERA Architects
Porcelain Pavers set on Buzon Pedestals Provide Easy Access for Maintenance and Inspection of Services - HDG Building Materials

Hotel Continental Ljubljana

Hotel Continental Ljubljana showcases these services on two levels. Imagine the dining or entertaining experience you would have on this rooftop deck. Now imagine all of the services tucked neatly below the porcelain paver surface. Great hotels have great services and they are supported by the hidden services you’ll never see or talk about.

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Considering a Rooftop Deck?

If you are involved in designing, specifying, or building a residential, commercial, or municipal space that requires roof deck pedestals, we can assist you. Whether you need help specifying Buzon pedestals or selecting from the various decking materials to cover them, HDG Building Materials has you covered. Please contact us.

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