Buzon Pedestals Logo Demystified

Architects in more than 40 countries have come to know the high quality associated with Buzon pedestals. But, why the buffalo in the Buzon logo you ask?

Claude Buzon, inventor and founder of Buzon Pedestals International, was a body-builder in his youth. At 19 years of age he won the “Mr Brabant” title in one region of Belgium. Claude’s nickname was “Buff”, because he was strong like a buffalo. Buffalo were not only from the U.S. but also from Europe. Bison and buffalo are terms often used interchangeably. See APPLICATION NOTE: Decking Materials and Roof Loading for more buffalo and bison facts.

At the time Claude Buzon decided to build his company logo, he was building stronger pedestals for the world – strong like buffalo. The red, yellow, and black colors present in the Buzon logo were adopted from the Belgium flag. Combine these color and image components with the Buzon family name and the Buzon logo was born.

The New Buzon Pedestals Logo

The Buzon Pedestals logo has accompanied 30 years of success.  Now, with founder Claude Buzon retiring and transitioning leadership to family members Laurent Buzon and Laurie Buzon, the Buzon logo is transforming. While the new logo no longer has the colors from the Belgium flag the strong buffalo presence in the logo remains.

Look for continued innovation from Buzon pedestals. After all, the company’s innovative spirit extends far beyond the company logo.

Buzon Pedestals Logo - HDG Building Materials Master Dealer

Meet Inventor Claude Buzon

About Buzon Pedestals International

Buzon has been developing and manufacturing innovative support system products since 1987. On November 4, 2017, Buzon Pedestals International, headquartered in Belgium, celebrated the company’s 30-year anniversary.

Buzon Pedestals International and their family of distributors have revolutionized decking around the world. Rooftop decks, outdoor terraces, greenroofs, and other living spaces are only a few of the applications perfectly suited to Buzon pedestals.

If you are new to Buzon Screwjack Pedestals and wish to learn more visit this Buzon Pedestals learning page.

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