As the developed world builds new bridges, buildings, roads, and continues to update its built infrastructure there are beautiful materials being left behind. Natural stone is one of those materials. HDG Building Materials can source reclaimed beautiful natural stone that has been with us for 100s of years and has much remaining useful life, perhaps in your next project. Use reclaimed stone in cityscapes, residences, and commercial buildings.

Deconstruct Rather than Demo

More and more, it is increasingly cost-effective and environmentally friendly to deconstruct buildings and reuse materials as opposed to demolishing them and adding to the solid waste in landfills. Giving natural stone materials a second-life is also good for ecosystems – eliminating the energy, water, and other resources needed to generate new products. Reusing materials can earn credits in the US Green Building Council’s LEED program. Specifically, Materials & Resources credits 3 and 4 can be secured for using salvaged material and material with recycled content, respectfully.

reclaimed-stone-refinished-for-wall-HDG Building Materials
reclaimed-stone-refinished-for-wall-detail-HDG Building Materials

Working with Reclaimed Stone

HDG Building Materials can take reclaimed stone that is heavier and thicker and cut the finished face (antiqued face) off of it making it lighter and more useful for cladding or paving projects. A 4 inch thick stone can be cut to 2 inches. We can then apply new finishes or a combination of finishes to give the retired material new life and beauty.

Join Other Eco-Conscious Professionals

Many people are already familiar with upcycling practices in their personal lives. Some have already made this move to upcycling in their architectural and building practices. If you have not, perhaps its time to join these eco-conscious professionals. When you are ready, please contact us to discuss the possibilities of using reclaimed, upcycled stone, to give life to your project.

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