Benefits of Glass Pavers

  • Several organic textures and edge treatments allow for endless design possibilities
  • Makes any application more artistic
  • Allows light to flow through
  • Stronger than granite or stone
  • Treads can be sized and shaped to fit any space
  • Slip resistant embedded texture is anti-skid and scratch-proof
  • Eco-friendly option and 100% recyclable
  • Qualify for points under LEED and NAHB building guidelines
  • Non -porous substance is naturally hygienic
  • Natural beauty and luminescence

Buzon Pedestals - The Only Screwjack Pedestal Available in Translucent Polycarbonate

Buzon Pedestals are the only screwjack pedestal available in translucent polycarbonate. Designers and architects can combine structural glass pavers with translucent Buzon adjustable height pedestals to create a dramatic effect. The combination of products empowers the designer with new ways to imagine flooring, raised terraces, platforms, pedestrian bridges and walkways. Add LED or Halogen lighting for an even more dramatic effect whether you are creating a stage, showroom, galleria, or other space to inspire, entertain, or build community.


HDG Glass Pavers and Buzon Pedestals are suitable for exterior and certain interior applications in commercial, civic, and private residential spaces. Using glass pavers will add a modern, artistic, high-tech, elegant look to any application, including a library, a showroom, memorial, or showcase residence  And, by pairing HDG glass pavers with Buzon translucent pedestals raised terrace designs can maintain a see through look while avoiding the unintentional dark spots that other projects might have at their glass paver intersections and boundaries.


If you have a project that might be right for Buzon transparent pedestals and HDG Glass Pavers we love to hear from you. Please contact us at HDG Building Materials.
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