Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces provide relaxation and entertainment, varying from cozy patios to expansive decks, balconies, terraces, and serene rooftop retreats. This trend in modern architecture and design is sought after in new construction and often prioritized by owners and developers.

Why Outdoor Living Spaces?

We are all drawn to outdoor living for its connection to nature, open space, and fresh air. The opportunity to relax, entertain, and escape the confines of indoor environments contributes to a sense of freedom and well-being.

Range of Outdoor Living Spaces

The possibilities for creating stunning outdoor spaces are endless. Whether you’re envisioning a cozy balcony nestled in the heart of the city or a sprawling rooftop deck that offers panoramic views, these outdoor spaces invite you to escape the confines of indoor living and embrace the world outside.

Outdoor Living Private Terrace Application with Acacia Porcelain Pavers and Stunning Views

Patio Retreat

Unwind in your personal haven with a ground-level patio that transports you to a peaceful oasis, right within your reach. Incorporating natural stone and other elements into the design can create a haven of calm amidst the urban hustle. This outdoor living space leverages the beauty of natural stone, featuring the enchanting Rusty Blue Caviar Limestone patio (large red planter image) with honed and lychee finishes.

Premium Materials to Elevate Outdoor Living

Explore a diverse selection of materials, including natural stone, concrete pavers and porcelain pavers to create the ideal outdoor retreat. Discover stone-finish porcelain pavers in various colors, sizes, finishes, and thicknesses. For added durability, consider SH 3cm drive-over porcelain pavers, designed to withstand impact and heavy loads in both public and private spaces. Choose the perfect materials to enhance your outdoor living spaces, from serene retreats to bustling plazas and woonerfs.

Traditional Joist Deck

The traditional joist deck refers to a classic outdoor living space constructed with a framework of wooden joists, beams, and support posts. These decks are designed to create an elevated platform that extends from the main structure, providing a versatile space for relaxation, socializing, and outdoor activities.

Materials for Traditional Joist Decks

Discover a range of innovative decking materials at HDG Building Materials, including HDG Exterior Bamboo, Genuine Mahogany, Ipe Wood Decking, Thermally Modified Ash, Kebony®, ACRE™ from Modern Mill, DuxxBak™ waterproof decking, and 100% non-wood Resysta Rice Hull Composite. Other innovative materials to consider in the design of a joist based outdoor living space include aluminum joists and HDG Silca Grating panels that can transform a wood deck into a stone deck.

Raised Terrace

A raised terrace is an outdoor living space that is elevated above ground level. It often serves as an extension of indoor living areas and provides a platform for various outdoor activities. Raised terraces are designed to offer comfortable and functional outdoor spaces that allow people to enjoy the outdoors while remaining connected to the interior of the building.

Creating Raised Terraces for Outdoor Living

Forge your own elevated outdoor sanctuaries with the versatility of Buzon Screwjack pedestals. These ingenious supports are adjustable in height and also correct for sloping or locally uneven surfaces. This empowers designers to create perfectly level outdoor living surfaces while the substrate below slopes to the drains. Use Buzon pedestals with most any type of decking material, such as pavers, decking, tiles, even irregularly shaped stone. New to pedestals? Check out a range of Buzon pedestal projects.


Balconies, those enchanting suspended sanctuaries, grace upper levels of buildings like artful appendages. Though smaller in scale than their sprawling deck counterparts, these petite paradises enrich high-rise living with stunning vistas, crisp breezes, and a hint of alfresco allure. Balconies are accessible from the interior of the building and provide a seamless transition to outdoor spaces.

Material Considerations for Balconies

Designing or remodeling a balcony involves careful consideration of various materials to ensure durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Choose durable and weather-resistant flooring materials that can withstand the local elements – temperature extremes, precipitation, freeze-thaw cycles, etc. Options include hardwood deck tiles, composite decking, wood board decking, natural stone, porcelain tiles, and concrete pavers. The level of maintenance desired is another consideration.

Galleries – Isn’t That a Balcony?

If you don’t know what a gallery is you’re not alone. Many people use the terms balcony and gallery interchangeably. It easy to spot the different. Galleries are supported by poles from the ground whereas balconies are not. A gallery, in the context of architecture, refers to a covered or partially enclosed walkway or platform that extends along the exterior of a building. Galleries can be double-deckers or single and are usually protected by the building’s roofline. Galleries provide additional outdoor living space and may be adorned with filigree, ornamental “lacy” iron.

Renovation Considerations for Galleries

Galleries were historically common in many buildings for functional and aesthetic reasons. When selecting materials for galleries it is important to ensure the materials conform to approved materials from historic preservation organizations. These organizations work to maintain the architectural integrity of historic structures and ensure that new developments or renovations are in line with the area’s historical character.

Rooftop Deck

Rooftop decks are a valuable addition to outdoor living spaces, offering a range of benefits and opportunities for both residential and commercial properties. Rooftop decks transform unused space on top of buildings to useable space. This is especially advantageous in urban environments where ground-level outdoor space is limited. Benefits include stunning views, escape from noise, reducing urban heat island effect, and increased property values and occupancy rates.

Furry Friends and Outdoor Living Spaces

Whether you’re working on new construction or revamping an underutilized rooftop, consider the needs of all visitors, including pets. The concept of a “Woof Deck” offers a dedicated space for canine companions and their owners to enjoy together, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to outdoor living spaces.

Buzon Screwjack Pedestals

Buzon Screwjack Pedestals provide a versatile solution for a range of outdoor settings, including rooftop decks, balconies, patios, and terraces. Each of the rooftop projects shown has Buzon pedestals supporting the decking surface. See more Buzon projects.

Waterproof Deck System with Upper Deck with Dry Living Area Underneath

Waterproof Deck Adds Outdoor Living Area

HDG is proud to offer builders, architects, and homeowners an innovative waterproof decking system. The unique interlocking design keeps water from leaking through the deck. Instead, water travels through the Duxxbak™ channels and exits at the end of the deck. This water shedding deck provides usable space in any kind of weather.

Create More Outdoor Living Space

Install DuxxBak waterproof decking on a second-level deck and the space underneath becomes usable as extended outdoor living space or storage. When the rain moves in promising to soak outdoor activities, those activities can move under deck and continue. Outdoor furniture, vehicles, and other equipment can safely be stored under the deck no matter the weather.

Public Outdoor Living Rooms

While the term “outdoor living area” is often associated with private residential spaces, the concept can also apply to public spaces that provide opportunities for relaxation, entertainment, and interaction with the outdoors. Public plazas and outdoor dining areas offer a similar experience of connecting with the environment and enjoying outdoor amenities, making them a form of outdoor living space on a larger scale.

Practical Materials for Public Spaces

Public plazas and outdoor living spaces often utilize a combination of natural stone and composite materials due to a variety of practical and aesthetic reasons. Natural stone, such as basalt, granite, marble, limestone, and sandstone, exudes a timeless beauty that enhances the visual appeal of outdoor spaces. It is durable and available in a variety of colors and finishes. Composite materials offer a versatile range of finishes, colors, and designs that can mimic the look of natural materials. They are low maintenance, saving time and effort in upkeep.

Working with HDG Building Materials

We work with owners, architect, landscape architects, builders, and installers on materials selection and constructive solutions. Architects and builders cannot be expected to know every material and construction method. HDG specializes in paving, decking and pedestal products. Leverage our expertise from concept to completion.  We have the materials and the knowhow to make your project a stunning success. See our Our Work.

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