Thermo-Ash Custom Profiles

Thermally modified ash decking and cladding is stocked in standard sizes. Thermo-ash is also available in custom profiles. If you wish to learn more about basic Thermory product characteristics and standard profiles visit the HDG Thermory product page. For custom Thermory decking and cladding profiles, read on.

Creating Custom Thermory Profiles

We create custom fabricated sizes from standard Thermory profiles to meet each project’s requirements. The 2×2 D4 cladding shown in the residential home images to the right is a custom profile created from 2×4 (or 2×6 strips). The “D4” profile simply means S4S with 4 eased edges. To do this, we take a 2×4 strip and rip it in half, or a 2×6 strip and rip it into thirds, and then re-profile the ripped strips’ edges to make a 2×2 (1.65” x 1.65”).  The making of a 2×2 D4 custom profile is depicted in the 3-panel sequence to the right.

Thermory Decking and Cladding Example

The residential home pictured to the right uses standard and custom Thermory decking and cladding profiles:

  • 1 x 6 D4
  • 2 x 2 D4
  • 1 x 4 C9

HDG Building Materials
is an authorized dealer
for Thermory and is the
national distributor for
Thermory Pavers.

HDG Thermory Pavers - Single Sourced from HDG Building Materials
Thermally modified ash decking and cladding 1x6 D4 - 2x2 D4 custom profile - 1x4 C9 - HDG Building Materials

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