Project Name: 459 ROCK Apartments

Commercial Project: 44-Unit Mixed-Use Apartment Building

Location: Rockwood Neighborhood in Gresham near Portland, Oregon

Did you Know this about Resysta?

  • Resysta is the only composite product available which can be refinished to suit customers’ changing or updated color preferences
  • FVG Transparent Colored Stain is a water based stain containing high quality color pigments which are not destroyed by UV-light

Resysta Project Overview

459 ROCK Apartments is located in the young, diverse Rockwood neighborhood in Gresham, Oregon, near Portland.  The 44-unit mixed-use building has 4 floors of 2 and 3 bedroom apartment units above 10,000 feet of commercial space.  The 56-foot-tall building also has onsite parking and a 4,000-square-foot playground. It is located near the Max Station and bus line, close to shopping, restaurants and parks. It boasts many modern amenities and also includes contemporary building materials. One modern material used in 459 ROCK is Resysta cladding, made from recycled rice husks, salt and mineral oil.

Project Uses Resysta

Resysta looks and works like wood but doesn’t actually contain wood at all. This modern material makes use of an abundant by-product of rice farming and does not contribute at all to deforestation. On this building the Resysta cladding is a vertical installation. Resysta has a natural, warm color. Six standard stain colors are available including C24 Java Teak used on this project. There is an additional palette of 24 bold designer colors to meet any design aesthetic. See all Resysta Colors and Finishes.

Resysta Cladding Profiles

This building project used two Resysta siding profiles installed vertically.

Resysta Siding 4 inch Profile RESCPH120412 - HDG Building Materials

(WxHxL) 1/2“ x 4“ x 12‘
Resysta Siding 4 inch Profile RESCPH120412

Half Inch Resysta Fascia Board RESF12812 - HDG Building Materials

(WxHxL) 1/2“ x 8“ x 12‘
Resysta Board FASCIA RESF12812

Project Partners:

HDG Building Materials supplied Resysta cladding for this vertical installation.

Developer: Sunrise Development LLC

Architect: DLR Group

Builder/Contractor: Primo Construction

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