Decking and Paving Solutions For Your Projects

Discover top-tier solutions with HDG Building Materials. We offer an extensive range of decking options, including composite or wood decking, FRP grating, and various pavers such as stone, hardwood, concrete, glass, and porcelain. Whether you’re constructing a large public plaza, rooftop deck, or outdoor living area, HDG has you covered for your decking and paving needs.

Beyond our superior paving, decking and pedestal products, we also provide you with unparalleled service from concept to completion. Learn more about our White Glove Service and explore a range of our work.

HDG Has Your Decking and Paving Needs Covered Illustration
Concrete Pavers over Buzon Pedestals at Westchester Country Club - HDG-Building-Materials
Public Plaza in Marine Environment is Perfect for Buzon Properties with Concrete Pavers
HDG SW Series Concrete Pavers 24x24 inch Pool Surround
Courtyard with Concrete Pavers HDG Building Materials
Concrete Pavers Between Trolley Tracks
HDG Concrete Pavers Over Buzon Pedestals
Buzon Pedestals and Concrete Pavers in Raised Garden Walkway
Concrete Pavers and Buzon Pedestals on Hotel Walkway - HDG Building Materials
Multiple Colors in Concrete Paver Decking Design - HDG Building Materials
Concrete Pavers over Buzon Pedestals at Westchester Country Club - HDG-Building-Materials

Affordable Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are favored by landscape designers, architects, and homeowners for their visual appeal and cost-effectiveness compared to asphalt or plain concrete, particularly for large surface areas.

Though robust and budget-friendly, concrete pavers do carry considerable weight, which may become crucial, especially when considering rooftop applications. Explore our Decking Materials and Roof Loading application note for a comprehensive comparison of decking materials suitable for rooftop decks.

HDG Concrete Pavers can be either sand-set on-grade or installed on Buzon pedestals, offering a wide array of design possibilities.

Hardwood Pavers

Hardwood pavers provide decks, terraces, rooftops, green roofs, courtyards, and other pathways with the warmth and character of natural wood. Available in standard installation sizes these pavers may be used for residential or high traffic commercial applications. Choose from ipe wood deck tiles or hardwood deck tiles made of massaranduba, mahogany, cumaru or deck tiles made from black locust, the strongest and most rot-resistant wood indigenous to North America. FSC® and non-FSC products are available.

Or, choose HDG Thermory Deck Tiles, made from Thermally Modified Ash, which is unrivaled in environmental responsibility. HDG hardwood pavers come with kerf cuts for hidden fasteners, a perfect match for PB and BC fasteners for installation over Buzon pedestals.

Cumaru Hardwood Deck Tiles Over Buzon Pedestals at Treehouse Koreatown
10 Barrel Brewing Rooftop Deck with Ipe Pavers Over Buzon Pedestals
Ipe Deck Tiles Installed over Buzon Pedestals
Ipe Hardwood Deck Tiles with Buzon Pedestals - HDG Building Materials
Buzon Pedestals with Ipe Hardwood Deck Tiles
Installation of Black Locust Deck Tiles at Tybee Island Marine Science Center
Black Locust Deck Tiles Installed in Herringbone Pattern
Cumaru 2x2 Hardwood Pavers Over Buzon Pedestals
Massaranduba Hardwood Pavers on Residential Rooftop Deck
Massaranduba Hardwood Pavers Over Buzon Pedestals on Rooftop Deck
Cumaru Hardwood Deck Tiles Over Buzon Pedestals at Treehouse Koreatown
Patio Makeover uses HDG Porcelain Pavers Installed Over Buzon Pedestals
Innovative Pedestal Paver Solution Uses Buzon Pedestals Grating Panels and Porcelain Pavers
Seattle Roof Deck with HDG Pietra Jamba Slate Porcelain Pavers
Pietra Stone Look Porcelain Pavers Over Buzon Pedestals on Residential Balcony
Christilla Commons Rooftop Deck with Fusa Multa Stone Look Peitra Porcelain Pavers
Rain Soaked Porcelain Rooftop Deck at Fort George Brewery
Orinda Wood Look Porcelain Paver in Outdoor Terrace
Maple Wood Look Porcelain Pavers for Pool Surround
Gold Ash Wood Finish Porcelain Pavers in Outdoor Dining Room
Patio Makeover uses HDG Porcelain Pavers Installed Over Buzon Pedestals

Porcelain Pavers

Elevate your space with porcelain pavers and Buzon pedestals. Explore wood-look and stone-look options in a range of sizes and colors.

Whether you opt for a lighter hue to maintain a cool pool surround or a darker tone for a striking aesthetic, you’ll find the perfect fit for your space. If you don’t know about Solar Reflectance Ratings check out our SRI Primer. Install porcelain pavers over sand, gravel, concrete, or rooftops with versatile Buzon pedestals.

Grating Panels

Our fiberglass reinforced plastic grating panels provide endless possibilities in resin, color, size, and mesh configurations. Perfect for Buzon pedestals, they offer a strong, lightweight base for unique paver layouts or designing ramps and slopes. Explore how HDG Grating Panels can be used in sloped surface designs.

Use HDG Silca Grates to transform a wood deck into a stone deck using ordinary wood deck framing 16″ o.c. These 2SF panels work w/ natural stone, porcelain pavers or other decking materials w/o the height limitation of pedestals.

LaConner Boardwalk with Micromesh Grating Panels
Using HDG Grating Panels Over Buzon Pedestals to Create Walkable Surface Over HVAC Ducts and Objects
Porcelain Pavers Set on Buzon Pedestals Over HDG Grating Panels
HDG Grating Panels Used to Span Changes in Substrate Level
Micromesh Gangway or Weatherproof Pedestrian Walkway
Rooftop Pet Deck with Turf over Grating Panels on top of Buzon Pedestals
Small Concrete Pavers Over Minimesh Grating On Top of Buzon Pedestals
FRP Grating Panels Used in Industrial Wash Application
HDG Silca Grate transform a wood deck into a stone deck
LaConner Boardwalk with Micromesh Grating Panels
Apple Park Board Decking 25mm x 145mm
Ipe Wood Decking Pool Surround at Four Seasons Resort
Resysta Rice Hull Composite Cladding and Decking on Soffits at Vancouver Clinic
Virtually maintenance free Resysta decking
Residence Uses Resysta Composite Siding and Facade - Materials Supplied by HDG Building Materials
Buzon Pedestals with Wood Decking - HDG Building Materials
Resysta Tru Grain decking and bench - HDG Building Materials
Composite Deck and Geodesic Dome Outside Sky Bistro Atop Banff’s Sulphur Mountain
Resysta Composite Decking Material is Maintenance Free
Elevated Outdoor Living Space with DuxxBak Waterproof Decking
Apple Park Board Decking 25mm x 145mm

Wood or Composite Board Decking

HDG Building Materials provides a range of wood decking and siding products for residential, commercial, or municipal applications. Choose from HDG Exterior Bamboo, Genuine Mahogany, Ipe Wood Decking, Thermally Modified Ash, Kebony®, ACRE™ from Modern Mill, and 100% non-wood Resysta Rice Hull Composite. Each of these materials has a sustainability story that is unique. FSC® products are available for ipe and mahogany.

Explore innovative options like DuxxBak™ wood-free composite decking, designed to keep the area beneath the deck dry, expanding your outdoor living space.

Natural Stone in Any Shape

Natural stone offers timeless elegance and seamless integration into any landscape. Leverage our expertise in producing and supplying custom-cut and finished natural stone products, including Basalt, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, and Travertine.

HDG specializes in producing and supplying natural stone of any size and finish. We provide custom-cut and finished pavers, wall cladding, caps, stairs, and water features tailored to your needs. From concept to completion, trust HDG Building Materials for stunning project success.

Here are 10 Reasons to Use Natural Stone in your projects.

Tumble Creek Natural Stone by HDG Building Materials
HDG Perlino Red Limestone and Rusty Black Slate Flooring Contrast
Granite Stone Stairs at Horton Plaza San Diego - HDG Building Materials
Homes with Natural Stone Enjoy Higher Resale Values
Reclaimed Stone Turned to Pavers from HDG Building Materials
Natural Stone Wall - HDG Building Materials
Honed Finish on HDG Perlino Grey Limestone Reduces Glare from Fireplace and Lighting - HDG Building Materials
Custom Cut Granite Natural Stone Pavers - HDG Building Materials
Tumble Creek Natural Stone by HDG Building Materials

Working with HDG Building Materials

We work with owners, architect, landscape architects, builders, and installers on materials selection and constructive solutions. Architects and builders cannot be expected to know every material and construction method. HDG specializes in decking and paving solutions as well as Buzon pedestal products. Leverage our expertise from concept to completion.  We have the materials and the knowhow to make your project a stunning success. See our Our Work.

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